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Chews A Calming Treat

Chews A Calming Treat

If there is one familiarity between dog owners…it is that our dogs love to chew. From soft slippers to rope toys, our canine companions love to get their naughty gnashers on anything they can chomp and chew. From ancestral needs years ago, our dogs have always had an inclination to get their teeth into something tasty.  

But with dogs around the world chewsing to chomp everything but the kitchen sink, many of us ask why and what is the fascination of sinking their teeth into everything. From soothing anxiety to calming nerves, chewing and chomping can have numerous benefits on a dog’s health and wellbeing, so like always, we are here to tell you why those chomptastic chews are everything your canine needs to stay calm this winter!

Why Do Dogs Chew?

Since the dawn of time, chewing has been an ancestral urge for many canine companions. Canines have historically chewed prey as part of the natural behaviours required for survival. Today, our domesticated dogs do not need to chew as much for digestion. However, that natural and innate craving to chew objects to satisfy their urges is still present.

Dogs may often chew to relieve stress and occupy their time. With puppies, just like humans, chewing on items can often alleviate symptoms of teething. Bored dogs often relieve stress by keeping busy with a chew object but can often choose the most inappropriate of items. 

No dog is the same when it comes to chewing, so time and care must be spent when selecting the right chew for your four-legged friend. 

Why is Chewing Calming?

Like us humans, when in states of anxiety or stress, dogs will radiate to behaviours that occupy them enough to relieve their emotions and feelings. For a dog, chewing is both relaxing and beneficial. During time of separation from their owners, dogs may chew as they can pick up your scent from the chew when playtime has occurred. 

Being familiar and attached to their owner's scent, dogs wish to get as close and personal with that scent as possible, thus chewing may occur of toys, chews or even items of their owner’s clothing. Despite its unfavourable nature, our dogs may often radiate to extremely personal items like clothing which smell particularly strong of our scent in order to feel close to us during times of separation (what may appear unusual and rather disgusting to us is our dog’s way of saying they miss us). 

When it comes to specific chews, some dogs chomp to relieve stress caused by teething. This is specifically prominent in puppies that are going through the teething stage. Providing pain relief via gum massage, chews can be particularly beneficial for those smaller pawed pooches out there that need a little extra TLC. 

The Importance of Supervision

As more and more chews hit the pet food market, many of us are left wondering which chew is actually best for our dogs. As a natural pet food store, we would never recommend cheap and ill-manufactured chews to give to your pet. 

Chews made from materials such as Rawhide are some of the most dangerous chews available to our four-legged friends. As these chews are often coated in artificial flavourings, they can be tricky and harmful to dogs with sensitive bellies. We always recommend, for dogs out there with precious tummies, to give a natural 100% meat chew that is easily digestible to prevent tummy upsets and further digestive complaints. 

In terms of risks, Rawhide bones and other edible chews can pose a choking hazard and blockage problems if broken off in larger and indigestible pieces. It is so important, no matter what chew given to your pet that they are supervised whilst enjoying it. Unlike, rawhide chews, all-natural varieties have a smaller risk of breaking thus lowering the risk of potential choking and blockage issues.

No matter what chew your dog may have and no matter what size or breed they are, supervision must always be given to your furry friend when having a chew. Never give a chew to a dog unsupervised (even if they have had that chew many times before). Chewing episodes should always be undergone with an owner or carer present and never during times of separation. Also, remember to provide water!

Our Top Chews

With only 100% natural and safe chews on our shop’s shelves, we are dedicated to providing some of the safest chomptastic treats available to you and your pooch. From deer antlers to dental treats, here are our top chews that will calm your dog and bust any boredom all day long. 

  • Natural Cornish Antler Chews>
  • Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush>
  • Earth Animal No Hide>
  • Yak The Wonder Snack>
  • Vegetable & Peanut Butter Chews>
  • Fish Skin Chews>

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