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Christmas Anxiety

Christmas Anxiety

Many of us have already decked our living rooms and halls with decorations that make us feel more festive than ever. From Christmas Trees to flashing lights, our houses are adorned with a range of décor that can leave our furry friends feeling anxious. With many pet owners anxious about leaving our pets alone with the likes of our Christmas tree, the thought of festive decorations can leave us doubtful about decking the halls with boughs of holly. 

There is nothing we love more than Christmas at Natural Cornish Pet Shop so as we begin to rock around our Christmas trees, here’s some hints and tips to keeping your pets calm around Christmas decorations and how to keep your house and pets looking and feeling as festive as ever. 

Decoration Anxiety

Like us, our pets can sometimes struggle to adjust to drastic changes in the home. At Christmas, we are likely to move furniture, change surroundings and have varied decorations that are noisy, and distracting to our pets. With fairy lights and Christmas trees, providing visual changes in the home for cats and dogs, Christmas can be tricky times for our four legged friends.

Often adding decorations in the home can result in moving regular furniture which can be unsettling and uncomfortable for our pets. With our cats and dogs using living rooms as a safe and cosy spaces, keeping their comfortable spaces as normal as possible can ease any anxiety around the Christmas period. 

Anxious behaviour may include barking, growling or persistent attempts at attempting to knock down the tree and baubles leading to upset and irritated pooches. Owners with young puppies must be careful not to place baubles at the very bottom of Christmas trees as young pooches will tend to gnaw, bite, chew and paw at decorations they believe to be toys. 

Cats and Christmas Trees

We all know how much our cats love to climb. From kittens our cats love to explore and scratch at different objects around our homes. From couches to table top counters, it would be impossible to find any feline friend who doesn’t love to jump around the house. 

So with the new addition of a large, green tree in our homes poses an exciting new exploration for our four-legged friends. As many Christmas tree owners failing to tie or secure their trees, cat lovers often come home to find their bauble laden Christmas tree sideways on the floor. 

Furthermore, our cats not only love to explore the luscious green ferns on our trees but the flashing lights also pose an exciting adventure for our feline friends. Intrigued at the source of the lights, our cats will often attempt to climb trees to capture where the light is coming from posing a health risk to them and a décor risk to your home. 

If purchasing a tree for your home, we highly recommend securing the tree firmly by tethering to a wall or the ceiling. We also suggest keeping lights on a single setting that does not make them flash to avoid your cat going crazy for those LEDs. When it comes to baubles and hanging decorations, keep them firmly tied to the tree and avoid objects such as tinsel as cats believe they are toys and will attempt to retrieve them from the tree. 

If living with a furry friend, keep decorations as simple as possible to keep your friend feeling as comfortable as ever. 

Relieving Stress

We all know and understand just how stressful Christmas can be. But have you ever wondered how stressful it can be for our pets? With flashing decorations, more visitors than ever and the likelihood of a higher volume of noise and excitement, Christmas can be a daunting time for our pets amidst all the jolliness. 

We highly recommend creating a safe space for your pet to retreat when the Christmas chaos becomes too much. A snuggly toy, a cosy bed and fluffy blanket will be everything your pet needs to soothe their Christmas anxiety. 

Consider investing in some calming treats such as Hownd Keep Calm cookies or True Hemp sticks to keep your pet soothed and calm this winter. Just like us, our pets want a relaxed and enjoyable day filled with happiness and love so supporting your dog when things get a little too much can be the difference between a happy and sad pooch. 

So with Christmas Day fast approaching, keep your pet's tail wagging and make sure you keep them safe and soothed when Santa pays a visit. 

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