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Christmas Treats For Cats

Christmas Treats For Cats

'We all know the importance of treats for our feline friends. Providing both dietary support and rewarding good behaviour, these scrumptious snacks are a fundamental part of our pet’s diets. So when it comes to treats – only the best will do.'

As the most wonderful time of the year fast approaches, choosing the right treat for your tabby has never been simpler. From delicious drinks to countdown calendars, keeping your feline feeling festive this Christmas is easy with Natural Cornish Pet Shop. Featuring some of our brilliant brands, our list of wholesome Christmas treats are stocking fillers they will definitely be putting on their Christmas list.

Why are treats important?

A large proportion of our pets’ nutrition is gained from their regular food. Their staple dinners act as a primary source of the dietary support our pets need to live a long and wholesome life. However, can you imagine eating the same three meals every day for months?

For our pets, the same nutrition, ingredients and flavours are repeated daily in their regular food. Treats can act as an additional support alongside their square meals – when given in the correct way. Allowing our pets to sample various flavours and ingredients, our pets are likely to find new and exciting flavour profiles to extend their dietary needs.

In addition to being a secondary source of nutrition, treats are also a significant tool in training. Rewarding the positive behaviour in our younger pets, our furry friends quickly learn that when they do something that makes us smile, they gain a tasty treat. Treats can also reinforce the bond between you and your pet, so if you want to snuggle up together this yuletide; perhaps snuggle up with a range of our tasty treats!


For many of us, there is nothing like celebrating our most favourite time of the year than opening a bottle of bubbles on Christmas morning. As our feline friends can’t enjoy the same glass of bubbles as us, one company decided they wanted to include our pets in the fun, and have created their very own version of the nation’s favourite drink.

Created by the brains behind Woof & Co, their Pawsecco range of treats at Natural Cornish Pet Shop is everything your furry friend needs to join in on the festivities. Their award-winning blend of delicious 100% natural herbs for a light, refreshing and healthy beverage that is suitable for all cats and dogs. Pawsecco is now available in both a charming bauble, perfect for adding to your Christmas tree and available in a gift set with their own range of white chocolate treats.

Featuring a blissful blend of natural herbs, this drink is completely alcohol-free and noncarbonated, for a daily health-boosting drink that can either be served over food or alone if your pet prefers.  Enhancing their daily nutrition and providing an array of natural vitamins and minerals such as Linden Blossom, Elderflower and Ginseng, this treat is exactly what your cat needs for a pawfect Christmas!

Pawsecco Gift Set Pawsecco Bauble

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Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar

Is there really anything more festive than countdown to Christmas with an advent calendar? For many of us, Christmas really wouldn’t be the same if we weren’t peeling open those 24 days as soon as we wake up on each December morning.

With the human equivalent becoming more and indulgent now hosting advent calendars featuring beauty products, alcohol and even jewellery, there has been a better time for the pet food market to catch up. Well, they have and they have it done it properly.

Featuring some of the most delicious and all-natural treats available; there really is no brand better to host a range of yuletide treats on the run up to Christmas than Lily’s kitchen. Already a massive contender in the pet food business, making your feline feel more festive has never been tastier with Lily’s Kitchen.

Filled with 24 wonderful windows of purrrfection, these hand-baked with love treats are tasty beyond belief and will keep your cat purring all the way to Christmas Day. Containing a mixture of Chicken and Liver treats and their festive favourite of Turkey & Cranberry, these scrumptious snacks will make their countdown to Christmas even more special than ever before.

Lily's Kitchen Advent Calendar For Cats

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So with just over 45 sleeps until Christmas, there has never been a better time to put their name on the good list and make your cat's Christmas as purrrfect as it possibly can be.

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