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Compostable Cat Litter

Compostable Cat Litter

Essential in any cat lovers household, there is no product more necessary than a purrfect bag of cat litter. Fundamental in training and toilet use, choosing the right cat litter that is also feline approved can be a troublesome task. To help keep your mog and home as fresh and smell-free as possible, cat litter needs the best ingredients to ensure its doing the right job for both you and your cat. 

As the world turns more green and businesses become more aware of the products they are using to create our household essentials, our brand new cat litter is not only great for your furry friends but great for the planet too. Completely compostable and eco-friendly, here’s why we love this litter and why your feline will too. 

What is Cat Litter?

For novice cat owners, understanding the importance of cat litter can seem like a daunting task. Used as a way to mask their urine and faeces, cat litter is a necessity for the toilet routine of your feline friend. 

Many major brands use clay as a key ingredient in their cat litter, being super absorbent and a natural odour repellent. However, as the world becomes more eco-friendly and greener, more biodegradable options are becoming available such as newspapers, sawdust and wood chippings. No matter what the primary material, cat litter is significant in your home and you and your feline really couldn’t live without it. 

Compostable Cat Litter BY NATURAL CORNISH PET

The Importance of Cat Litter

Cats like to use litter as when their ancestors would have disposed of their waste, they would have buried or hidden their scent from potential predators in the wild. Litter acts as this same barrier and with the domestication of cats, came the need for cat litter, where our feline friends still use the same habits of hiding their waste from exposure to others. 

This behaviour can be first observed with kittens who instinctively cover their waste without observing from a teaching mother. With cats in the wild often using sand or soil to cover their waste, litter provides the same sensation for our feline friends and has become a household essential for cat owners around the world. 

Compostable Cat Litter - 15kg BY NATURAL CORNISH PET

Our Cat Litter

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand just how vital this product is when owning a feline. Wanting to create a product that was both eco-friendly and great for your cat, we pushed our brilliant brains together and designed a cat litter that was greener than any other we could find. 

Our Cornish Compostable Cat Litter is made from British softwood pellets making it an eco-friendly and all natural product for environmentally conscious cat owners out there. What makes our cat litter so amazing is that it is 99.7% free of dust unlike many regular cat litter brands. 

Our softwood pellets are naturally high in absorbance, helping to soak up any mess and smell, leaving your cat’s litter box and your home smelling fresher than ever. This amazing cat litter works so well because of the clever design of these wonderful wood pellets. They first absorb the liquid and scent from your cat’s mess and then crumble to the bottom of the litter tray leaving the fresh pellets resting at the top. Once used, the litter is fairly mess free as the large shape of the pellets doesn’t leave tracking as it’s too large to stick to your cat’s paws. 

Available in economical 15kg bags, not only is this litter great for the environment but it is pawfect of your purse strings too. So when it comes to a litter you will love, this is definitely one for you.

Compostable Cat Litter - 15kg BY NATURAL CORNISH PET
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As wild weather sets in and our Cornish coast looking like a February of rain and winds, keep your cat feeling fresh indoors with our awesome compostable cat litter. 

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