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Our Top Cornish Dog Treats

Our Top Cornish Dog Treats

Shopping local is a way in which we can all do our bit to help our small businesses. Now more than ever, supporting local shops and cafes right here in Cornwall can help keep our coastal county thriving for years to come. With increased research showing the benefits of healthy shopping and living for our four-legged friends, we believe there are no better treats than the ones found and made right here in Cornwall. 

Located in the heart of West Cornwall, our store packed with natural pet products has some of the best Cornish treats for your furry friends. We also produce our very own range of delicious delicacies from salmon skin cookies to fresh fish treats. So, if your canine companion is looking for a taste of Cornwall, then there is no better plaice to look than Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

Inside of Natural Cornish Pet Store, St, Erth

Why Buy Local?

Choosing to purchase a chew, treat or bag of food at your locally rather than from high street brands helps in providing wholesome and nutritious products as you can really feel, and see, the love that's been put in. The brains behind our business have always said the same “provide the dogs of Cornwall and beyond with the finest wholesome and all-natural treats available” and since our opening day this mantra has never changed. 

Buying treats locally and that have been made and created in the local area means your pooch gets their scrumptious snacks, and that you know exactly where they come from. Small and local businesses often source and produce their products locally so they can ensure the same love and care go into the creation of each and every one of their products and they are made to their exacting standards. 

Cornish Harbour front

Our Tasty Treats

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love ensuring each and every single one of our own brand treats are created right here on our Cornish coast. With our fish treats made in Newlyn, you really can’t get any more local when it comes to our selection of scrumptious snacks. 

Fish Cookies

For dogs who love a flavoursome fishy treat, our selection of crunchy cookies are the ideal treat for pooches who adore a taste of the ocean. Packed with sustainably caught fish from British waters, our potato and fish cookies are loaded with essential Omega oils which help to keep your pets skin and coat looking and feeling as amazing as ever. 

These easily digestible and low fat treats are lovingly made right here in Cornwall and can provide your pooch with all the nutritional benefits they need to keep their brains, joints and fur in tip top shape. What also makes these treats so amazing is that they are completely grain-free and contain nothing more than pure fish and vegetables making them the pawfect snack for troublesome tummies due to allergies or intolerances. 

Up for grabs in two delicious flavours, whitefish and salmon, these cookies are available in bulk buy bags or resealable packs. These tasty treats can be used to top your dog's food or for a simple on the go snack. 

Bag of Salmon & Potato Cookies BY NATURAL CORNISH PET
Buy Natural Cornish Pet Salmon & Potato Cookies Here>

Cornish Fish Fingers

Made with nothing more than 100% fish skins, these all-natural and hypoallergenic treats are one of our favourite fishy snacks for your four-legged friends. These natural fish skin fingers are a great training treat for your dog and give your pooch a much needed boost of Omega 3 too. 

Helping to keep skin and fur looking great, these fish skin treats provide your dog with a whole heap of vitamins and minerals to help their fur looking and feeling great. Maintaining coat appearance, the fantastic fish oils contained in these fishy skins will help keep your pooch’s coat looking shiny, shedding less and reducing any itchiness. 

These fish fingers are also a great alternative to meat chews giving your furry friend a flavoursome alternative to the protein in their usual doggy dinners. These fish based fingers are created right here on our Cornish coast and have proved to be one of the best selling products in our Natural Cornish Pet range. 

 bag of Cornish Fish Fingers for dogs BY NATURAL CORNISH PET
Buy Natural Cornish Pet Cornish Fish Fingers Here>

Peanut Butter for Dogs

As one of our dogs most beloved treats, Peanut Butter has been a chosen favourite for our four-legged friends for years. This scrumptious spread is packed with protein and provides our pooches with a hefty spoonful of those vital Omega oils that keep our pets bodies looking and feeling good each and every day. 

Our dog-friendly peanut butter contains no trace of the toxic sweetener Xylitol meaning it is 100% safe for your furry friend. Made right here in Cornwall, this tasty treat is ideal on its own, added to biscuits or even stuffed into our range of Kong chews. 

Jars of peanut butter for dogs by Natural Cornish Pet
Buy Natural Cornish Pet Peanunt Butter For Dogs Here>

Our shop does whatever it can to help provide the dogs of our community with the finest treats the Cornish coast has to offer. So if you want your pet to taste what our Cornish heritage has to offer, pick up a pack of our tasty, Cornish made, treats right here. 

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