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Cosy Cats

Cosy Cats

As the cold weather sets in and we snuggle up in the warmth of our homes, our cats need a little bit of extra TLC to keep them feeling purrrfect this winter. 

From delightful dens, tasty treats and terrific toys, here’s our range of pawfect products to keep them meowing all the way to spring. With an array of products online and in store, we have everything you need to keep your cat content in the cold. 

Tasty Treats

There really is nothing better than tucking into a tasty treat to make us feel better when the harsh cold sets in. Providing us with the extra energy to keep our bodies fighting through the wild winter weather, a few extra calories really are necessary when Jack Frost arrives. 

From fantastic fish to classic chicken, our range of tasty treats for your furry friend contains everything they need to enjoy being cosy this winter. 

Green & Wild’s Fish Nibbles

Made with 100% fresh fish, Green & Wild’s fish nibbles are a superb source of Omega 3 for your feline friends. Sustainably sourced from Icelandic waters, their fishy treats are packed with proteins, oils and vitamins to build and maintain health and keep teeth strong.

Naturally air dried, at low temperatures (using sustainable and clean energy) to preserve all the nutrients, these all-natural and wholesome treats are purrrfect for any cat that loves some fishy goodness. These tasty treats are a great addition to your cat’s diet and promise a pocketful of flavour and a whole heap of nutrition.

Green & Wilds Fish Nibbles
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Green & Wilds Luvvies Fish Treats

Another one of Green & Wilds amazing feline favourites is their tasty tuna treats. Rich in Omega 3 & 6 to help maintain a healthy skin and coat, and Taurine for healthy heart and eyes, these scrumptious snacks are 100% natural and contain zero artificial colours, flavours and additives providing your cat with a daily boost of fishy goodness.

Green & Wilds Luvvies
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Natures Menu Chicken & Turkey Treats

Straight from Mother Nature’s Menu, their mighty meaty treats are a delicious and wholesome cat treat made with 95% real meat, perfect for reward-based training or concealing medication.

Made from a hearty combination of high quality meat, their grain and gluten free recipes contain no artificial flavours or colours. 

Natures Menu Chicken Treats
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Tremendous Toys

When it is too cold to venture outside, we have a range of toys for your cat to enjoy in the comfort on their happy home. Designed to optimise play and engagement, here’s our list of toys to keep your tabby boredom-free for hours and hours. 

KONG Catnip Snake Teaser

The KONG Snake Teaser is perfect for fun, interactive play and a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your cat. Irresistible feathers and unpredictable movement will stimulate your feline friend’s natural hunting instincts and provide beneficial exercise. The Snake Teaser is sure to bring out the playful tiger in any cat. Durable and safe, this item is for supervised play only meaning your feline can have all the fun whilst being safe and secure.

KONG Catnip Snake Teaser
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KONG Better Buzz Banana

This toy will make your cat crazy for hours of banana peeling fun. This fun and whimsical design is ideal for hind-paw kicking and comes fully loaded with potent KONG Premium North American Catnip that helps fuel playtime engagement. 

The mesh material and crackle sounds spark natural catch and capture instincts while the durable faux-leather exterior is sure to make play sessions last longer. Providing hours of interactive fun and adventure, this is one piece of fruit that your cat will adore and love.  

KONG Better Buzz Banana

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Fantastic Food

As more and more delicious feline dinners hit our shelves, we are beyond excited to share our selection of brilliant brands that are dedicated to bring your four-legged friends the most fantastic food available. High-meat content and grain-free, these delightfully delicious dinners are everything your cat needs to keep fuller for longer during the winter season. 

Canagan Dry

Canagan’s delicious dry range is a special grain free cat food formulated by experts to deliver nutrition that is close to their ancestral diet. The correct ratio of proteins and carbs is combined with a host of wonderful vegetables and botanicals, to produce a cat food that is magnificent in every meowing mouthful.

Carefully balanced and nutrient dense, their feline formula will excite your cat’s taste buds and provide them with pawfulls of highly digestible protein demanded by their evolutionary needs. Full of fantastic flavours and formulated for specific dietary needs, our range of Canagan cat products will keep their whiskers wagging right until the last bite.

Canagan Dry Cat Food
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Meowing Heads

Enriched with Taurine and featuring nothing but 100% meat and fish, Meowing Heads dry cat food is made with the same love and care as their popular dog food ‘Barking Heads’. 

Their super yummy adult cat recipes are made using only the best quality, natural ingredients. Approved by vets, Meowing Heads food has a unique anti-hairball formula, is taurine-enriched and is easy to digest and contains everything your cat needs for a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Free from artificial colours and flavours, each blissful bite of this scrumptious cat food will definitely keep your cats meowing for more.

Meowing Heads
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Eden Wet

Packed to the brim with the best of British ingredients, Eden’s selection of cat food contains only the finest produce that is bursting with nutrition and flavour. Created with the highest quality proteins sourced locally and sustainably, Eden food is not only delightfully delicious but great on the environment too. From food to treats, every single product in the Eden range is loaded with all the nutritional goodness our four-legged friend need to keep their tails wagging and living a long and happy life.

With 70% freshly prepared, human grade quality meat and fish, with Peas, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Blueberries, Goji Berries and Minerals, these ravishing recipes are everything your cat needs for healthy and nutritious diet.

Eden Wet Cat Food
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So with everything your cat needs at the click of a button, invest in some fantastic feline fancies to keep them cosy and calm this winter. 

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