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Cranberries at Christmas

Cranberries at Christmas

Known to accompany many a Christmas Dinner, cranberries have adorned our dinner plates for years and years. Providing a sweet and saucy condiment to our tasty turkey and all the trimmings, cranberries are a quintessential part of Christmas Dinners across the globe. 

So as many venture to grocers, supermarkets and farm shops throughout the UK to start preparations for the best Cranberry sauce, we have a little something special for your four-legged friend that doesn’t require any effort at all. Understanding just how important cranberries are for our Christmases, here’s why you should give your pooch a taste of this blissful berry and a range of our tasty treats that showcase this Superfood in its finest form. 

The Benefits of Cranberries

Given raw, dried or even cooked, cranberries can provide a well needed boost for our four-legged friends. With many classic condiments containing added sugars and sweeteners, giving your dog a jar of cranberry sauce isn’t advised this Christmas, but a handful of the super berries in their natural state can provide a pawfull of goodness to their health and wellbeing. 

Immune Boosting

As one of the best anti-oxidants Mother Nature has to offer, cranberries can give your little fur babies a much needed immune boost. Actively improving immune function and your dog’s overall health and wellbeing, the anti-oxidant power of these little red fruits can help your dog avoids unwanted illness this winter. With wild winter winds posing potential problems for our dog’s skin and coats, cranberries can provide support for keeping coats as shiny and glossy as ever. 

Helps Tummies

We all know the importance of fibre in our diets. Helping maintain a healthy gut, fibre is an essential part of your dog's health. Containing heaps of healthy fibre, cranberries are fantastic with dogs on weight management plans and can keep guts working exactly as they should. Assisting dogs who may occasionally suffer from constipation or diarrhoea, cranberries can help regulate bowel movements keeping your dog free from tricky tummy troubles. 

Containing approximately 4 grams of fibre per cup, these blissful berries are considered one of the best antioxidants for dogs. Packed with fibre, cranberries can provide filling power making them ideal for dogs on weight management plans or who may be struggling with weight issues. Loaded with fruity goodness to keep them fuller for longer, they can contribute to weight loss and a healthy diet. 

Magic for Muscles

Helping our dog’s bodies to stay fighting fit all year long, cranberries are packed with potassium power to aid in muscle maintenance. Considered an electrolyte, potassium is fantastic for regulating your pet’s overall bodily function encouraging both healthy cardiovascular and nervous systems. 

In addition, potassium is also a fantastic tool in helping dogs absorb healthy nutrients meaning it’s a fantastic way to help your dog get any well-needed support when supplements or tablets may not be as easily tasted by your furry friend. Ultimately, when it comes to super fruits, cranberries are the top berry to choose. 

Our Top Treats

With a range of treats to showcase just how fabulous this super berry really is, here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop we have all the cranberry infused treats you need if you can get your paws on the super berry in their natural form. From delicious dental sticks to fantastic fruity bites, when it comes to cranberries, we have everything you need. 

Soopa Cranberry & Sweet Potato Dental Sticks

Suitable for any size or age dog out there, these chomptastic chews are a great addition to your dog’s diet and provides your pooch with one of their five a day.

Looking for a delicious dog treat that's healthy too? Soopa Dental Sticks are hypoallergenic grain free treat for the dog that loves to chew. Created using natural human grade ingredients they help keep teeth clean and improve doggie breath, these sticks are bursting with vitamins & minerals and health benefits. Simple, delicious, nutritious and best of all dogs LOVE them!

Packed with the super antioxidant of cranberry, these excellent chews are ideal to maintain healthy teeth and gums. With added Flaxseed, it acts as sensational support for dogs and will help protect canines who suffer from troublesome tummies.

Cranberry & Sweet Potato
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Woolf Cranberry Strips

Made with 100% cranberries, these tasty treats will keep your dog in tip top shape with the anti-oxidant qualities of both these super berries. Shapes in the same way as our meaty chunkies, these fruity favourite can also be used as a perfect reward for training when your dog has been better than ever.

With a soft chewy texture, these treats are great for taking care of gum lines and dental health and the chomptastic texture will work your dog’s teeth more than a brittle and crumbly chew. Available in our store in bundles, grab a quadruple dose of fruity goodness.

Woolf Cranberry Strips
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Nature’s Menu Superfood Bars

Give your dog something amazing today and try them on Nature’s Menu Superfood Bars. Full of wholesome, natural and nutritionally excellent superfood, these tasty treats are made using an abundance of natural ingredients providing your dog with the perfect healthy snack.

Made with turkey, cranberries and pumpkin, these air-dried treats will definitely give your dog a taste of Christmas Dinner and make them feel like they are sat pulling crackers with the rest of the family. 

Natures menu superfood Bars
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So with a range of tasty treats showcasing this fantastic fruit, get your paws on some chomptastic cranberry treats and give your furry friend a taste of Christmas today.

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