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CSJ: Holistic & Herbal

CSJ: Holistic & Herbal

When it comes to herbal treatments, there is no brand quite like CSJ. Providing our pets with everything they need to keep their skin clean, joints moving and fur flea free, this brilliant brand works tirelessly to ensure our pets lead a long and happy lifestyle.

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we believe firmly in the phrase “nothing better than natural”. So when it comes to selecting the finest products to fill our shelves, there is nothing we love more than a brand that embodies that very ethos. From ointments to tinctures, CSJ have a wide range of products to keep our dog’s looking and feeling pawfect each and every day!


Whilst breeding, competing and training dogs over the years, Ceri Rundle and her father, H.Glyn Jones had been on the lookout for affordable, top-quality dog food but no zero success. They learned, very quickly, that less expensive food often lacked the vital nutrients their dog’s needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ceri decided enough was enough, and the only thing left was to create her own brand of premium dog food that was both nutritious and great for value.

Their business grew and grew and in addition to their amazing dog food products, Ceri decided to brand out into herbal supplements to increase the wellbeing of our four-legged friends. From joint care to flea treatment, no matter what the ailment, CSJ has something for you.

Fight those Fleas

Billy No Mates Anti-Flea Powder & Tincture

A totally natural mix that is despised by ticks, fleas and mites, combining the aromatics of mint, seaweed, fenugreek, neem leaves and lemon balm. Simply add to your dog or cat's food to create an anti-flea treatment that leaves your pet feeling calm and soothed. 

Billy No Mates is proven to be great for skin and coat conditioning. For this product to become totally effective, please allow up to 6 weeks. Remember though, this is not a complete cure for fleas but a preventive. If you believe your dog has fleas before starting BNM, consider using in combination with WildWash.

For BNM Anti Flea Powder use:

  • Small Dog – ½ a scoop
  • Medium Dog – 1 scoop
  • Large Dog – 1-2 scoops

For BNM Tincture use:

  • 1ml (20 drops) per 10Kg body weight. For small pets, the 50ml bottle contains a calibrated pipette, which is perfect for dispensing a small volume.
  • Cats need only 10 drops per day in food or drink (based on 5Kg cat).

Suitable for Puppies from 12 weeks & Kittens from 6 months. DO NOT USE for bitches in whelp or cats in kitten. 

Shop BNM Flea Powder Here / Shop BNM Tincture Here

Soothe Sore Stomachs

From time to time our dog’s stomachs can become irritated by several different factors. From new food, anxiety to munching on things they shouldn't have, sometimes a poorly tummy can affect a dog’s lifestyle in more ways than one.

So when a troublesome tummy calls, there is no better way to soothe their stomachs than CSJ “heal”. Made with a combination of calming camomile and magical mint, this heroic herbal blend is all your dog needs to keep those pesky tummy troubles at bay. With camomile used as a calming, digestive aid alongside the miraculous mint infusion, this herbal remedy is ideal for dogs with digestive issues.

Created in a resealable foil pouch, this mixture can be used as a topper on their regular food, and used time and time again as much as needed. With our dog’s picking up more than they should in their mighty mouths, if troublesome tummies call, then all you need to do is “heal”!

Shop CSJ Heal! Here!

Support those Joints

When aches and pains cause problems for your pets, no look further for a radical remedy from CSJ. Created with pet wellbeing in mind, their No Ake! Herb mix and tincture is everything your pooch needs to keep their joints moving all day long.

Aimed at nutritionally maintaining your dogs musco-skeletal system by focusing on joint inflammation, this devil’s claw extract aims to provide all the support your pooch needs when those aches and pains become all too much.

Devil’s Claw works as an effective anti-inflammatory by reducing pain and stiffness in our pet’s muscles and joints. This mixture comes in both a herbal form to be sprinkled on food, or in a tincture mixture which can be given to your pooch on its own. No matter how it is served, No Ake! Can help support dogs with arthritis, muscle aches or joint stiffness - pawfect to get them back to their usually bouncy selves.

Shop No Ake! Herbal Supplement Here! / Shop No Ake! Tincture Here!

So with an overwhelming range of pawfect products to choose from, check out CSJ’s selection of herbal remedies and give your dog a spoonful of the best of what nature’s medicinal garden has to offer.

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