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Deli Bundle Boxes at Natural Cornish Pet

Deli Bundle Boxes at Natural Cornish Pet

Over the last ten years or so delicatessens on our high streets have become a more and more common sight. Selling a variety of freshly prepared foods alongside a sumptuous selection of exotic and unusual treats, these magical shops are always a gift to the senses. At Natural Cornish Pet we think that our furry friends should always have the best selection of goodies and that they should be able to sample a plethora of treats, chews and foods too. So, we’ve developed our deli bundle boxes for dogs, which are selections of intriguing and delicious hand curated goodies specially selected for your dogs by our experts here at Natural Cornish Pet.

Delis and Dogs

The root of the word delicatessen is from the Latin delicatus meaning to give pleasure or to be delightful and we think that's the perfect description for our all natural deli bundle boxes for dogs. These spectacular boxes come in four mouthwatering varieties that all contain a superb selection of our bestsellers and some of our favourite treats and chews that are carefully chosen by the experts (mostly our dogs!!) here at Natural Cornish Pet. Not only are the Natural Cornish Pet Deli Boxes stuffed full of some of the best treats and chews around, they are also sent out to you in 100% recyclable packaging, so you can give your best friend a tower of treats and be environmentally conscious at the same time. 

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Our Deli Bundle Boxes at Natural Cornish Pet

Cluck In!

The Cluck In! Deli Box Bundle contains the four best options of perfect poultry based chews and treats that we have to offer here at Natural Cornish Pet. All of the delicious treats in our chicken bundle are made with 100% all natural chicken and chicken by-products that are air dried to retain maximum flavour and nutrient density. The air dried chicken feet also provide a chew that is great for your dog’s teeth and gums and are a good way to build up the masticatory muscles too. The bones inside these feet are also easily digestible and have no risk of splintering due to our gentle air drying process. 

Also contained within these tasty Cluck It! Boxes are our Chicken, Potato and Turmeric Sausages which offer a whole host of health benefits including support for joint, cardiovascular and digestive health. We finish off our chickeny boxes with two brilliant products from JR Pet in the form of Chicken Coins and Chicken Sticks. These two tasty treats from JR are made with 100% fresh chicken and are an awesome way to reward your favourite furry friends. 

Chicken deli box for dogs
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Gimme Some Game 

If your dog likes to have a chew with a difference or is averse to the normal protein sources found in our dog’s diet then why not try one of our Gimme Some Game boxes. These boxes are packed with air dried chewy goodies that will keep even the most ardent of munchers happy all day long. The boxes contain venison feet with fur, rabbit ears with hair, duck wings and duck necks and some furless rabbit ears to finish off the selection. All of these chewy treats are gently air dried and are produced by either us here at Natural Cornish Pet or by the fabulous folks at JR Pet, so we know the quality will always be at the highest possible level. As with the chicken chews, all of the air dried bones are safe to digest, are great for the dental health of your dogs and give your dog an all natural chew that is similar to what they might have once had in the wild.

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Moo Box 

Our Moo box holds in its inside the very best of air dried beef treats and chews for those pooches who love a bit of the butchers best. Containing seven different types of our favourite beef based goodies that we provide here at Natural Cornish Pet. With Natural Cornish Pet Beef and Garlic Sausages, Beef Neck Tendon, Bulls Pizzle, Beef Tail, Beef Trachea, XL Cows Ear and some delicious JR Beef Coins too, this beefy box will keep your dogs delighted for days. 

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Pig ‘N’ Mix

If your dog is more of a fan of bacon and sausages and other porky goodies we have got that covered too with our perfect Pig ‘N’ Mix box full of pig based treats and chews. This box is fully loaded with Natural Cornish Pet Pork Rinds, Sausage roll, pork crunches, pigs ear, pigs in blankets and pig snouts and is perfect for all breeds that like to chew and gnaw until the day's end. These terrific naturally air dried treats are also great for your dog's dental health and are a perfect treat for almost any occasion. As with all of our deli boxes the Pig ‘N’ Mix bundle is beautifully presented in fully recyclable packaging and is a perfect present for a dog or a dog fanatic at any time of year. 

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So, if your dog likes the finer things and you love to provide them with the most delightful treats, give them the luxurious gift in the form of a Natural Cornish Pet Deli Box Bundle and watch as their tails wag uncontrollably until the cows, chickens, pigs and game come home. 

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