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Delights from Devon

Delights from Devon

Despite a healthy rivalry over the correct order to add jam and cream to a scone, even us Cornish can't deny that the people of Devon really know how to make dog food! 

The delightful Devonshire company known as Forthglade have put a real paw print in the pet food market. Creating a wide range of pet food from wet to dry, this all-natural pet food brand is one we are proud to stock!

Developed in the heart of the Devonshire countryside, Forthglade embodies the ethos of producing the finest quality food for our four-legged friends. With stockists all around the UK (and globe!), here’s why we are proud to stock Forthglade and why they are the forefront of the pet food market!

Born in Devon

Forthglade was founded in 1971 by Basil Palmer & Doug Wilkins, who at the time made a living travelling around Devon visiting abattoirs and buying meat to clean, freeze and sell into the pharmaceutical industry.

3 years later, Basil welcome a new addition to his family, a brown Doberman, who Basil brought frozen tripe for during his visits to the abattoirs – he saw a gap in the market for high quality pet food. After a chance encounter with a broken down delivery van near the factory, Basil & Doug sold their first 2 tonnes of tripe, and this is where the story of Forthglade was born.

Since the launch of its first product (a frozen block of raw tripe) in 1974, Forthglade has expanded beyond measures Basil & Doug could ever imagine, developing both a dry and wet food range for dogs and cats, focusing on 100% natural complimentary and complete meals for our furry friends.

Sadly, after 30 years of success, Forthglade removed the frozen range that shot off their business, and now after rebranding chose to focus on ensuring each and every product they sell provides the finest ingredients and nutrition for all the pets around the world.

Delightful Dinners

Wonderfully Wet

From complete to complimentary, we stock a scrumptious selection of Forthglade’s finest food to give your dogs some of the most tail waggingly tasty food on offer. With both complimentary and complete meals to choose from, your dog will be spoilt for choice of what Forthglade meal to eat next!

For those of you unsure of the difference between ‘complimentary’ and ‘complete’ here’s what it means:

What’s Complimentary?

This is exactly what it says on the tin - made to compliment your dog’s regular food and give them a tasty addition to their already scrumptious kibble. Containing just 90% chicken, duck, lamb etc. along with a little water to gently steam, this food is designed to help you tailor mealtimes for your four-legged friend.

You can add this delicious & naturally nutrient-packed food to a good quality dry food, or your own selection of fibre-rich vegetables for a balanced diet.

What’s Complete?

This is a 100% complete meal for your dog, containing everything they need to stay happy and healthy. You do not need to use Forthglade Complete Meals in addition to your dog’s regular kibble. These dishes can be eaten as part of a healthy diet and given whenever your dog needs it.

Their complete range is 100% grain-free, so is pawfect for dogs with tummy issues or who have shown to have allergies to grain (perhaps itchy or flaky skin).

The Devon-made range of complete grain free recipes contain a range of good quality proteins, along with a mix of carbohydrate & fibre rich vegetables like sweet potato & butternut squash in place of grains to give your dog all the nourishment they need from their meal!

Shop the Forthglade Wet Food Range Here!

Tremendous Treats

In addition to their wonderful range of wet pet food, Forthglade also have a brilliant bunch of tasty treats for our four-legged friends.

Hand-baked and grain free, their dog treats are lovingly made with wholesome ingredients, and are suitable for all breeds over 4 months old. They come in a variety of flavours, and include recipes aimed to help you support your dog in different ways.

Their functional treats range includes natural ingredients including:

  • Calming Treats - Chicken with camomile and lemon balm - Shop Here
  • Training Treats - Cheese, apple and blueberry - Shop Here
  • Fresh Breath Treats - Turkey, peppermint and parsley - Shop Here
  • Joint & Bone Support - Salmon, glucosamine and chondroitin - Shop Here

Each heart-shaped treat is a traditional biscuit texture, and can easily be broken in two for smaller dogs or just to make them last longer! If your dog wants to sample what Forthglade is all about, these tasty treats are a pawfect way to start.

Let your pet sample some of Forthglades delicious range today, and see for yourself the finest pet food that Devon has to offer! (We still firmly stand by Jam FIRST though!)

Shop the Forthglade Range here!

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