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Discover Kai Kuri

Discover Kai Kuri

We all know how much our dogs love meaty treats. Carnivores at heart, it would be hard to find any protein our four-legged friends don’t love. With chicken and beef often featuring in most high street dog treats and snacks, sometimes our dogs can get bored with the regular meats that grace their treats tin all year around. 

Providing our dogs with a little something special in their treats, the brilliant brains at Kai Kuri have a range of tasty treats your pooch certainly won’t get bored of. From glorious goat to luxurious lamb, these air-dried scrumptious snacks will most definitely get their tails wagging all day long. 

Their Roots

Created from Petello brand, the Kai Kuri range of treats are fairly new to the pet food market. Only launched in September of this year, this range of scrumptious snacks are a wholesome and natural alternative to regular meat treats on the market. 

Kai Kuri packs a taste of New Zealand and is 100% natural, low in fat and high in protein with their treats slowly air-dried for maximum taste and to maintain vital nutrients to give your dogs all the wholesome goodness they need to keep their bodies in tip top shape. 

Why Alternative Proteins?

As meat based products take up at least 80% of the dog food market, choosing the right meat for our four-legged friends can be a might meaty mountain to climb. However, as new and exciting protein alternatives hit the market, we can offer you something a little bit extra when it comes to a meaty treat.

Over time our pets can develop allergies and intolerances to regular proteins such as chicken and beef, giving your dogs alternative proteins such as lamb, venison and goat can help troublesome tummies and aid dogs who struggle to digest regular meats overall supporting a healthy tummy and digestive system. 

Kai Kuri Products

Featuring goat, venison and lamb, these nutritious New Zealand snacks are exactly what your dog needs to keep their tails wagging all day long. Completely air-dried to lock in all that fantastic flavour, these meaty mouthfuls are moreish right down to the very last bite. 

Venison Treats

Venison meat comes from reindeer, whitetail deer, elk and moose. It is a red meat similar to beef, but with a gamier taste and is found in cuts similar to beef such as tenderloin, steak, roasts, etc.

Venison is low in fat (and cholesterol) as compared to other pet food proteins such as beef or chicken making it a great choice for pets that need to watch their weight. Venison is rich in iron, niacin, riboflavin, and B vitamins and also contains higher levels of omega-3 fatty acid than beef.

Featuring a mixture of venison treats, these delicious air-dried treats are perfect chews your dogs will love time and time again. Choose between Venison tongue, tendons and juicy jerky pieces. 

Kai Kuri Venison
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Glorious Goat

Goat meat has far fewer calories than beef or chicken, so it may be a great option for dogs that need to lose a few pounds. Goat meat also has more protein than beef and nearly as much as chicken, while having much less fat than either of the other two. So for those pooches out there that may be on weight management plans or need to shed some lockdown weight, Goat is a great alternative to regular protein sources on the market.

Naturally high in protein and low in fat, Kai Kuri’s duo of delicious goat snacks will leave your dog feeling very much like one of Billy Goats gruff. With Goat lung and Liver slices on offer, these are some snacks you goat be kiddin' about!

Kai Kuri Goat
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Luscious Lamb

As a primary ingredient in our Shepherd’s Pie, we all know how delicious lamb can be. Being a great source of protein which can help build and maintain your dogs muscular and body functions. Packed with Vitamins and essential amino acids, lamb is a superb source of energy to keep their skin and coat looking and feeling healthy. Just like their other proteins, Kai Kuri has specially selected lamb for its benefits for dogs suffering from intolerances and allergies to regular proteins such as chicken and beef. 

With air-dried treats of lung chunks and slices, these New Zealand scrumptious snacks are certainly not offal but delicious beyond belief. 

Kai Kuri Lamb
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So with a range of superb snacks featuring the best of what New Zealand can offer, these are certainly some scrumptious snacks our dogs won’t want to miss!

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