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Dog Friendly Christmas Dinners

Dog Friendly Christmas Dinners

From pieces of turkey to the odd pig-in-blankets, our four-legged friends indulge just as we do when the big day comes around. As the aroma of roasted turkey, goose, beef and sausages wafts around our homes, it’s no wonder the preparation for Christmas dinner leaves our dogs drooling at the thought.

So if you fancy treating your pooch to a little pinch of what your Christmas dinner has to offer, here’s everything you need to know about what to and what not to treat your pooch to on Christmas Day and some of our amazing alternatives to make them feel as merry as they can be. 

Our Dos & Don’ts

DO treat your four-legged friend to a few slices of fresh turkey. Low in fat and packed full of delicious protein, turkey is a fabulous treat for your pooch on Christmas Day. Turkey can also be an ideal protein source for dogs that have developed intolerances and allergies to meats such as Chicken and Beef. Make sure to remove any bones, avoid the skin or any surrounding stuffing and take the meat from the breast of the bird to ensure a boneless and succulent slice.

DON’T allow them to eat any balls or pieces of stuffing. Often containing onions, these smelly yet delicious vegetables can be toxic to our furry friends and leave them with upset tummies and you will a whole load of mess to clean up on the big day.

DO give them a carrot whilst you are preparing dinner. Acting as nature’s own dental stick, it would be hard to find any dog that doesn’t love chomping on a carrot or two. These can also be a great treat once cooked and served with their regular kibble as carrots provide an excellent source of beta-carotene – excellent for dog’s coat and skin.

DON’T give your dog any form of chocolate during the day. Containing toxic Theobromine, keep any delicious desserts away for your furry friend at Christmas to avoid any unwanted trips to the vets after dinner has been served.

DO give your dog a delicious dessert of fresh fruit. Apples are a brilliant and tasty reward for your four-legged friend. Apples are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, as well as fibre for your dog. They are low in protein and fat, making them the perfect snack for senior dogs. For an added treat, mix in a little plain, natural and no added sugar yogurt with your dog’s apple and watch their tails wag all day long.

Finally, DON’T panic if your dog accidentally finds a lone pig in blanket, sprout or roast potato. A trip to the vets won’t be needed for such a small quantity of food. They may just experience a bit of gas, a looser poo or nothing at all.


So with time ticking until our preparations begin for the most wonderful time of the year, keep your dog safe over Christmas and invest in a delicious dinner that will keep their tails wagging well into the new year. 

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