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Dog Walking Essentials

Dog Walking Essentials

When hurrying out the door with our four-legged friends, it's easy to forget the essential items that make those outdoor adventures a little bit easier. From poo bags to ball throwers, taking our canine companions out and about can be a daunting task when we discover we have run out of, or forgotten, those essential products. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love to make your life easier and have stocked our shelves with everything you need for taking your pet out and about. With some of the best walking essentials right here in store and online, walkies have never been easier to plan. 

Pack some Poo Bags

We have all experienced that gut-wrenching moment when we reach for a poo bag in the middle of the street, park or woods and discover that we have run out. With a manic search at the bottom of our bags and coat pockets, we discover a crumbled up bag and sigh with relief. With our range of eco-friendly poo bags however, you can leave those anxieties behind and clip the bags right onto your dog’s harness or lead and never have that worry again. 

Earth Rated Poop Bag Lead Dispenser & Refills

Constantly forgetting to pack poo bags when taking your four-legged on a walk? Well, we have the solution! 

Developed to fit perfectly on your pet’s lead, this cute green-coloured dispenser is one of the best on the market and even comes equipped with 15 bags so clip on and you’re ready to go! 

Its sleek and modern design compliments any adventure. Whether you’re on walks, off on holiday, in the car or on your every day walk, these are the poo bags for you. With its unique adjustable strap, this lead dispenser can attach to any size lead and there’s even a handy hook on the back designed to hold a used bag until you find a rubbish bin. Picking up poo has never been this easy!

Containing extra durable bags that can easily be refilled and are available in unscented and in lavender, you can get rid of those regular, flimsy and boring poo bags and replace them with these fantastic, biodegradable pieces of magic today – we promise you’ll notice the difference. Taking the stress away from bag worries, Earth Related takes the trauma out of poo picking giving you more time to do what you love – spending time with your canine companion. 

Earth Rated Lavender Poop Bag Leash Dispenser
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Love a Launcher

There really are no products we could recommend more than our range of ball launchers. Designed for maximum play and durability, our Chuckit! Launchers take the game of fetch to a whole new level. 

Our Chuckit! Launchers

Providing a longer and speedier throw when playing fetch, launchers are a great way of playing with active dogs such as collies, spaniels and retrievers, who require a more active lifestyle, without too much strain on their owner.

Designed with ergonomic handles for maximum comfort, these launchers are perfectly designed to encourage playtime with minimum effort. Each launcher comes with its own amazing Chuckit! Tennis Ball which are all designed with strong durable fabric for even the most powerful of mouths. 

Our range also includes a Glow in the Dark version which is ideal for those winter months when daylight is low. With a range of options from Chuckit! these really are a must for playtime, even after dark. 

Chuckit! Pro 26 Dog Ball Launcher
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Keeping them Clean

From sandy paws to muddy bellies, it is easy for our pets to get a bit mucky when out and about. For dogs who hate that dreaded bathtime, taking some wipes with you for emergencies can help keep your pooch feeling clean and tidy no matter what the weather. 

Hownd Yup You Stink Emergency Dog Wipes

With our pooches adoring to roll in all that stinky stuff, keeping your dogs as clean and fresh has never been easier than with Hownd wipes. These all natural emergency dog wipes are ideal in removing fox poo, cow dung, slobber and urine from your dog before the trip back to the car. Made with 100% essential oils, they are kind on skin & fur and are completely free of alcohol and parabens, meaning your dog stays clean and fresh without any worry about irritating itches afterwards. 

With 5 jumbo-sized wipes in their handy pack, these are one dog walking essential, you don’t want to be without. 

Buy Hownd Yup You Stink Emergency Dog Wipes>

So with more and more of us venturing outside to escape another national lockdown, be sure to load up on these walking essentials and keep your adventures as fun and stress free as possible.

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