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Dried Sprats for Dogs

Dried Sprats for Dogs

Born and bred right here on the Cornwall coast, Natural Cornish Pet Shop loves nothing more than produce created on its doorstep. Surrounded by miles and miles of stunning ocean waters that are more blissful than anywhere else on the British Isles, as a county we truly are blessed with the seafood products found right here.  

For us Cornish folk, there is no product we adore more than fish. Sourced sustainably and ethically across our waters, every single one of our own brand fantastic fish based products gives our furry friends a taste of our wonderful waters. When it comes to the best fish treats we have, there is none quite like our selection of dried fish toppers and one of the most beneficial is our dried sprats. An excellent source of Omega 3, there really is nothing better than topping your dog’s dinner with a bit of fantastic fish. 

Jar of dried sprats on table in sunshine

What is a Sprat?

Sprats belong to the same family as herring and sardines and are known for their small size and highly beneficial oily skin. 

Sprats are often enjoyed by humans whole, smoked or roasted accompanied by salad or as a starter. Found in the Atlantic and eaten throughout Europe, sprats are a popular snack of choice amongst us humans and, increasingly, our four-legged friends. 

For our pets, sprats are often dried and used as a lone treat or as tasty toppers on wet food or dry kibble. Adding a little fish to your dogs diet can give a brilliant boost of Omega 3 which is beneficial to both their skin and coats. 

Brilliant Benefits

Like many of their aquatic counterparts, sprats are packed with an abundance of Omega Oils that are beneficial for our dogs health and overall wellbeing. For our pets, adding Omega to their diets is fundamental because it is a fatty acid our dogs are unable to produce naturally. Fish can provide a boost from everything to your dog’s eyesight to their joints and bones. 

Being low in fat and cholesterol, sprats are an amazing addition to your pets diets and can also give a helping hand to their heart and cardiovascular system lowering the chance of heart disease in our furry friends. In addition, as these treats are served in their whole form, they are a completely naturally formed treat, coming straight from fishery to bowl, meaning no extra nastiness is added. 

Benefits of dried sprats

Our Natural Sprats

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand the importance of giving your dogs all-natural and wholesome treats that are exactly what they say on the tin (or packet). Each and every single one of our fabulous own brand fish treats are made with 100% real ingredients and are completely grain-free, and our superb sprats are no different. 

Available in a handy 75g pouch for on the go or in bulk buy 1 or 5kg bags for our fish loving pals, our range of sprat treats are an ideal snack to reward behaviour or to be used as a tasty topper alongside your pet’s daily diet. 

Not only are our sprats completely natural but they are also some of our best hypoallergenic dog treats making them great for dogs with troublesome tummies and sensitive stomachs. What makes these treats so scrumptiously satisfying is that they are naturally air-dried to lock in their fantastic flavour and goodness. 

 Bag of Natural Cornish Dried Sprats
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Treat them to Fish

Does your dog prefer a meat based diet? If the answer is yes, starting your four-legged friend off with fish-based snacks are a great way to include more Omega 3 into their diets. Unlike the likes of cod or salmon, our natural sprats are crunchy, crispy and great for chewing and chomping making them a great alternative to regular meat based chews. 

So if you are considering changing your dog’s diet, adding a few sprats to their regular bowls can help make the transition easier, and tastier, keeping their tails wagging that little bit longer. 

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