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Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021

As the world becomes increasingly conscious of the ways we change our behaviours to help support the planet, there is no day quite like Earth Day to take some small steps in doing your bit to save the Earth as we know it. On Thursday 22nd April, the globe comes together to raise awareness of environmental issues and what steps can be put into place to ensure we preserve all forms of life on the planet so we can all live in perfect harmony for generations and generations to come. 

With each and every single one of us responsible for how we leave this Earth, this day allows us to think upon what differences we can make to all life on the planet and how with just some small changes, we can make a big difference to the Earth and keep our planet thriving long after we are gone. 

Earth Day Events

From world climate leaders to environmental activists, the world is not short of people willing to help make a change and raise awareness on this very special day. You can tune in to Earth Day’s live digital event happening at 12PM Eastern Time (4PM British Time) to learn about all the ways in which businesses, charities and even special individuals are doing their bit to help keep planet Earth as healthy as ever. 

Topics in discussion will include: Rainforestation efforts, the importance of cleanups and even new green technologies that are helping to reduce pollution and the effects of climate change on the planet. Ultimately, what you do on Earth Day is up to you, but we recommend participating in small ways to help raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and being environmentally friendly in the simplest of ways. 

Conservation in Cornwall

For us Cornish folk, preserving our classic coastlines, spectacular seas and amazing oceans would be impossible without the help of local people. With ocean pollution and increased mortality in marine life, there is no time quite like the present to do your bit to help save what makes our coastal county so beautiful and special. 

With lockdown restrictions still in place, large, organised beach cleans aren’t going ahead at the moment, but there’s no stopping you and some family and friends (maximum 6) in getting together and helping tidy your local beach. With millions of tonnes of plastic found in our oceans every year, beach cleans can reduce the plastic problem and help save our marine life from death and extinction. As animals such as seals, turtles, dolphins and whales are being harmed and even killed due to plastic pollution, organising such a simple event can save our beaches and even marine life far and far away. 

You really can be an ocean hero with just a litter picker, a few bin bags and a group of friends and help to save our Cornish coastline - even just one piece of rubbish at a time. 

Shop Sustainably

As a local business, we understand the importance of shopping locally and sustainably. With our Cornish coastline home to fisheries across the county, showcasing our spectacular and sustainable produce is why we love where we live. 

With each  one of our  own-brand fish based snacks sourced from sustainable waters and made right here in West Cornwall, we promise that when you purchase some tasty treats with us, you are helping both local businesses and supporting sustainable fishing in British waters. 

In addition to our fabulous fish products, our brilliant brands are dedicated to ensuring that the production of their meat products are from ethically sourced farms that are free-range and environmentally friendly. Food and treats are brands such as Canagan and Lily’s Kitchen use only the finest meat and fish that is farmed in areas with top conditions for their animals.

Pawtect the Planet

Introducing more greener ways to shop and care for our pets, as Earth Day approaches we have a multitude of wonderful ways you can get the best product for your pets whilst helping do your bit to save the planet. 

  • Bulk Buy food and treats - reduces packaging of products
  • Buy Ethically and Environmentally sourced food and treats
  • Bring your own packaging - with many of our natural chews in zero packaging - bring your dog’s treat jar with you and load up on your pooch’s favourite snacks without the need of single-use plastic or unnecessary packaging. 

So when it comes to saving the planet, one paw at a time, help do your bit this April to make our Earth a truly special and sacred place to be...for all creatures great and small.

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