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Earth Rated Poo Bags

Earth Rated Poo Bags

As one of the staple items in our lives as dog owners, poo bags are essential no matter where we are. From picking up in our gardens to clearing up when out and about, we genuinely would be lost without them. 

However, as the world becomes more and more conscious about what we are throwing in the bin, many brands are realising that they can make a simple change to our doggy poo bags. Often made with single-use plastic and non bio-degradable materials these bags are often not very eco-friendly, however the brilliant brains at Earth Rated have created a poo bag with a difference. So as we venture out more in the great outdoors after lockdown, here’s why you need to ensure that you pick up after your dog wherever you go and why, when you do, you need to do it using Earth Rated Poop Bags. 

Clean it up dog poo bin

Importance of Cleaning After your Dog

Home to some of the most picturesque sights in the UK our Cornish coastline has always been blissful beyond belief, but in order to keep it that way dog owners need to ensure that when they are out and about their mess is cleaned up every time it happens. 

Leaving dog mess on our coastal paths and beautiful beaches can not only be unpleasant to look at and avoid but can also be dangerous to wildlife and even other dogs. Containing harmful bacterias dog faeces can transmit nasty bugs and infections to wildlife and other canines if stepped upon or even eaten. These bugs can potentially lead to nasty problems so it really is best for everyone to clean up straight after your dog has been to the bathroom. 

In addition to problems for nature, not picking up your dog’s poop can have a harm on your purse too! Across Cornwall, if you fail to pick up for dog’s poo, leave it hanging on trees or throw bags into nearby fields or bushes, you could face a fixed penalty fine of up to £150 so its best to pick up than leave a wonderful walk much poorer than when you started. 

No dog poo sign

Earth Rated Poop Bags

Dedicated to changing the ways our animals are cared for across the world, Earth Rated are more than just a company, they are an organisation dedicated to change in as many ways as possible. 

Founded by five life-long friends, their ten year old business has grown and grown since their first trade show back in 2010 where they showcased the product that started it all - the poo bag! With 10 years of relentless work under their belts, their brand are now internationally recognised and have also proudly made their way onto our shelves too, to show our lovely dogs just how amazing a poo bag can be. 

Made with extra durable materials (as there really is nothing worse than a flimsy poo bag), Earth Rated Poop Bags are strong, durable and smell beyond amazing - great for those days when your delightful doggy is smelling not so delightful. With strong poo bags essential when out and about, if it is a poo bag with a difference you are seeking - Earth Rated is definitely for you. 

Earth Rated Poop Bags are also available in compostable varieties and all fo their products are provided in recycled and recyclable materials.

Earth Rated Biodegradable dog poo bags
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Lead Dispensers and Refills

We have all been in that unfortunate position of reaching into our pockets when our furry friend has done a number two and realising that we have forgot to bring a bag with us. Earth Rated have created a solution to this problem we all hate to have. 

Creating a specially designed poo bag dispenser that attaches to your dog’s lead or harness enabling you to wander without any worry or hassle of leaving their poo bags at home. Easily refillable and created with durable materials, you will fall in love with these dispensers and will want to take them wherever you go. With its unique adjustable strap, this lead dispenser can attach to any size lead and there’s even a handy hook on the back designed to hold a used bag until you find a bin, picking up has never been this easy!

Earth rated poo bag dispenser for leads
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With the summer sun shining down upon us and outdoor adventures with our furry friends becoming more and more tempting, ensure you have your doggy essentials wherever you go. Pack your poo bags, pick up your dog’s poop wherever you go, and make sure that we all get to enjoy our beautiful countryside each and every time we leave the house. 

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