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Easing Separation Anxiety Post Lockdown

Easing Separation Anxiety Post Lockdown

With the national lockdown lifting, many of us are returning to work leaving our beloved best friends at home alone. Re-adjusting to life without us again, our pets may have displayed signs of separation anxiety this year as their world has been just as confusing as ours. 

Despite enjoying the vital time we have shared with our furry pals, ensuring their health and wellbeing is maintained during our return to a normal life is more important now than ever. Over the next few weeks, we may notice our dogs have displayed signs of distress, so with those waggy tails and wet noses waiting for us to come home, here are some ways we can help our furry friends adjust to life at home alone. 

Signs of Anxiety

How do you know if your dog is anxious? What can you do to treat dog anxiety? At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are here to explain everything you need to know about dog anxiety so we can help them become comfortable and calm canines. 

Signs of Anxiety can be:

  • Aggression
  • Urinating or defecating in the house
  • Drooling
  • Panting
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Depression
  • Excessive barking
  • Pacing
  • Restlessness
  • Repetitive or compulsive behaviours

Make the separation fuss-free

One of the many factors leading to distressed behaviour in our dogs when we walk out the door is our behaviour on departure. When leaving our dogs home alone to travel to work, making a fuss and big deal of our departure can actually have more damaging effects than simply just leaving your furry friend at the door. 

For pet owners who are returning to work after a long stint of being curled up nice and cosy with your pets, we strongly advise making the transition as easy as possible. For those scheduled for specific dates to return to work, begin leaving your pooch for small times in the days to ease their anxiety in regards to being left alone – gradual alone time can have a more positive effect on your pooch than creating a sudden loss of companionship the day you return to work. 

Purchase a Plush

Like our children, our pets struggle to feel calm and cosy without a tremendous toy by their side. There is nothing a dog loves more than their favourite toy. Supplying hours of endless fun and breaking boredom, giving your four-legged friend something to snuggle when you are away from home can really help them seek comfort in times of anxiety.

The soft texture of plush toys provides an element of comfort that your dog can use to snuggle to reduce the anxiety of being alone and away from their owners. Place your dog’s toy in a cosy corner or give them the toy just before you depart from your dog leaving them snuggling something soft whilst you’re away.

Plush toys we recommend for superb snuggleness:

Kong Patchwork Bear

Calming Treats

There is nothing our pets love more than a tasty treat. However, separation anxiety can leave our pets often missing meals having an overall effect on their health and wellbeing. Tasty treats to reward positive behaviour has been a massive part of every pet owner’s life, but did you know you can reassure your dogs with a little treat too?

Giving your four-legged friend a scrumptious snack before you depart from work can reinforce positive behaviour and let your pet know that you attend to return. Calming treats can provide support for anxiety and stress in pets giving them a wholesome boost when they need it the most. 

True Hemp Calming Treats

Packed with 70% wholesome protein and completely grain-free, these meat based treats are a fantastic way of introducing hemp seed oil into your pet’s diet. The combination of pawfect protein and helpful hemp provides your dog with a scrumptious and nutritionally beneficial snack we guarantee they will come back for time and time again.

These calming treats are an ideal snack to give to your pet just periods of separation. The magical mixture of chamomile, green tea and lemon balm provides your pooch with all the calming they need to stay relaxed whilst alone at home. Kind on tummies and digestion, these are a pawfect treat for dogs who may usually have upset tummies with separation troubles. Made with incredible ingredients and tasty beyond belief, True Hemp dental sticks will give your pet everything they need for calming times indoors. 

True Hemp Calming Treats
Shop True Hemp Calming Treats>

So with many of us returning to our places of work and spending less time with our furry babies; go for walks, have more cuddles and really show your pet how much you love them, because let’s face it, we really couldn’t have survived the year without their love and affection.

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