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Easter Hunt with your Dog

Easter Hunt with your Dog

From searching through glorious gardens to finding clues to chocolate treasure, egg hunts have been a part of our Easter traditions for years and years. As we ease into the bank holiday weekend of our second national lockdown, many of our beloved egg hunts are cancelled leaving us to come up with more creative ways to enjoy the weekend with our four-legged friends. 

Unable to enjoy the joys of chocolate due to their toxic ingredients, creating an egg hunt for your dog can be just as enjoyable with some changes to the primary treasure that us humans simply can’t live without. Using your dogs favourite treats, including real eggs, and setting up your homes to give your pooch a stimulating and exciting adventure, this can be one Easter your dogs really won’t forget. 

Dog searching in undergrowth around tree

The Benefits of Playtime

We all understand the importance of quality time with our furry friends. With the world coming out of another national lockdown, we are beginning to be able to enjoy the company of those around us again. As lockdown restrictions ease, we can now have our friends and furry company around in outdoor spaces to enjoy the benefits of this Easter weekend. 

Socialising with our pets can help strengthen the bond between you both helping with socialisation and lead training. Furthermore, playtime between you and your dog can help bust boredom and it increases stimulation in your dog’s brain reducing the likelihood of attention-seeking behaviour such as excessive chewing and breaking of furniture and household items. Ultimately, there really is nothing better than spending time with our best friends and this Easter you can create a hunt that you both will love and enjoy. 

Create an Obstacle Course

As the weekend promises to be filled with sunshine, there is no better time to get outside in your garden with your furry friend. Adding some garden furniture or extra toys such as tunnels and boxes for your pets to move around in can give your pooch more stimulation than simple play and get their brains working a little extra whilst having fun. 

Being natural hunters, our dogs still retain the habit for foraging and digging for food, hence their use of scent when hunting out bones in and around your home. Sprinkling a few treats or even new toys in hidden places of your garden with extra stimulation such as tunnels and cones to give your dog different paths to navigate to find their tasty treats. 

Small dog on an assault course

Give them Eggs

Although not the chocolate kind, eggs are highly nutritious and beneficial to your furry friend. Packed with pawfuls of protein to help support immune systems to keep your dogs fit and healthy, eggs are a tremendous treat to give your four-legged friend this Easter. Hiding a few around the home (just remember to find them), can be a great source of vitamins for your dog and help to hone in on their hunting skills. 

Although safe for our canine companions, we would recommend hard boiling your eggs before giving them to your dog. Despite their safety, sometimes eggs can be contaminated with salmonella, the nasty bug responsible for food poisoning which could leave your Easter weekend being less than enjoyable. Hard-boiling a few eggs and leaving them in special places around the house or garden, can lead your furry friend to have a real life egg hunt that will get their tails wagging at every sniff and smell. 

Dog with Eggs

Hide some Treats

For those without gardens or if bad weather hits (let’s hope not), a treat hunt in the comfort of your own home is easier than you think. Choose your pets favourite treats, and conceal in areas around the home for your pooch to search out. For an extra layer of stimulation, you can even purchase a puzzle ball or treat dispenser for your furry friends making the hunt even more fun. 

Selection of dog treats by Natural Cornish Pet Shop

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So this Easter give you dog a fun filled adventure and get them using their paws and noses to find some spring treats whilst giving their brain a well-needed boost. 

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