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Edible Eggcellence 

Edible Eggcellence 

As supermarket shelves line with the chocolate varieties of the ultimate breakfast item. There is no time quite like Spring to showcase just how eggcellent eggs can be. Despite being unable to eat their chocolate alternative, the chicken variety are an ideal treat for your four-legged friend and can provide a while host of benefits for their bodies and brains. 

Dog with basket of easter eggs

Low Fat Snack

As one of the leading products in agricultural production, eggs are a staple shopping item in many of our trollies each week and according to research a whopping 36 million eggs are eaten per day just in the United Kingdom. Great served on their own or as part of meals such as eggs benedict and omelettes, eggs have provided us with a yolk full of energy for years. 

Our dogs can also benefit from eggs in a variety of ways. Being low-in-fat, eggs are a fantastic treat for dogs on a managed diet or who those suffer from obesity. Containing only 84 calories per egg, which is less than a banana, this rich in energy snack can be more nutritionally beneficial than fruit or vegetables in your dog’s diet. 

Loaded with Goodness

High in protein, eggs are an excellent way to keep your dogs fit and healthy. As protein is essential for muscle growth, development and repair, eggs are a great way to keep your pooch’s body in tip top shape. This essential protein is also fantastic for dog’s natural defences as it helps keep bad bacteria at bay which acts as a natural support for their immune system. 

Eggs are also massively nutrient dense containing vital vitamins such as vitamin A, D and selenium, helping to support your dogs joints and bones and potentially assisting in the prevention of early-onset disorders such as arthritis. Eggs can also be a great source of Omega oils which we know are a superb supplement for keeping your pet’s coat and skin looking and feeling as fantastic as ever. 

Dog inspecting a tray of chicken eggs

Their Eggs in the Morning

Being so versatile and cooked in a variety of ways, your dogs can enjoy eggs in all their fantastic forms. However, to maximise their benefits, avoiding giving your dog’s eggs that have been fried to ensure they aren’t taking on any nasty fats or oils used during the cooking process. 

Boiled, poached or scrambled are eggcellent ways to give your dog a taste of the blissful benefits eggs have to offer and you can even add some little extra veggies such as leafy greens (kale or spinach) to your dogs breakfast treat to give them a little extra TLC in the morning. 

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

Long associated with body builders, raw eggs can be off putting for those who never have eaten them. Dogs can eat raw eggs however we would always recommend cooking your dog’s eggs.

Eggs pose the potential threat of salmonella just as much as raw chickens do. Avoid potential poisoning by cooking your dog’s eggs thoroughly before feeding. 

So with Easter just around the corner and eggs in vast production up and down the country. Give your dog something eggcellent this spring and add some protein with a difference to their delicious doggy dinners. Packed with pawfuls of protein, this is one scrumptious snack we aren’t yolkin' about. 

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