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Essentials for Pawfect Travel

Essentials for Pawfect Travel

We all love to travel on the open road - especially if it means we are off to experience somewhere special. As lockdown lifts and travel across the UK now an option, many of us are opting for staycations this year, meaning we can finally have a holiday and our furry friends can too. 

However journeys alongside our furry friends can often feeling like a troublesome task, so here are all the essentials we think you need to ensure your trip is definitely one to enjoy. From leaving home to reaching your destination, Natural Cornish Pet Shop have all the travel essentials you need when heading away from home this Summer. 

Dog with head out of back window

Clix Universal Seat Belt Restraint

When it comes to travel in cars, there is no safety measure more important than the seatbelt. As a legal requirement in any vehicle, ensuring your dog is safely restrained into place when driving can prevent you receiving a hefty fine and even save your dog’s life if you are involved in an accident. 

Easily adjustable and a doddle to use, simply click this universal restraint into the seatbelt buckle of your car’s back seat (travelling with your dog in the front seat is against the law). The harness then comes with a trigger hook that can be easily clipped to your dog’s harness for a secure and comfortable fit.

In addition to protecting your dog if involved in a collision, a seat belt restraint will also prevent your dog from excessively moving around in the back of the car and stop them from creating any dangerous distractions whilst you're at the wheel. No matter how long the journey, we encourage the use of a seat belt restraint for any dog owner as it really is the best way possible for keeping your canine companion and you safe when on the road. 

Clix Universal Seat Belt Restraint
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Calming Treats

As one of the primary triggers of doggy anxiety, travelling in the car can lead our four-legged friend to experience a range of symptoms that can make them feel rather under the weather. From troublesome tummies to excessive crying, our dogs can become overwhelmed with the thought of venturing out into the car, even if we are alongside them. 

Helping to calm your pet before a long journey is easier than you might think. With some simple dietary additions, your pet can be soothed and relaxed right before getting their paws onto the back seat.

Made with 100% natural and wholesome ingredients, Hownd’s Keep Calm Hemp Wellness Cookies are the pawfect treat for your anxious pooch. Containing a combination of luscious lavender and calming chamomile, these beautiful biscuits will help soothe your dog’s stresses and make their ride as easy as can be. Containing zero additives, completely grain-free and suitable for any age of pooch, these treats should be a car ride essential and will make a happier holiday for you and your dog. 

Hownd Keep Calm Hemp Wellness Treats
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Plushie Buddy 

Just like smaller children, a dog will grow attached to soft teddies that bring them comfort in their puppy years. Made to soothe and optimise play, the right teddy can survive your dog’s lifespan making them the ideal companion no matter where they go in life. 

As car travel can often overwhelm dogs and make them anxious as they will no longer be near their usual homely smells, our dogs can become stressed and agitated. Having a soft, cuddly companion can ultimately soothe dogs when away from home and provide them with the cosy comforting smells of home they need to stay relaxed and comforted on any journey they go on. 

When it comes to the best teddies on the market, there is none quite like the Knots range from KONG. Highly durable and made with their special designs to prevent tearing and shredding from even the most enthusiastic of chewers, these toys will withstand everything your pooch puts onto it and provide them with cuddly comfort for many years to come. Created in a range of colours and delightful designs, one of the KONG Knots range will soon become your dog’s best friend and a top travel buddy wherever you decide to go. 

Dog chewing on KONG Knots toy
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So, as you embark on your staycation this summer, be sure to pack those doggy essentials to make your journey as easy and relaxed  as possible. 

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