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Explore Hayle Harbour with your Hound

Explore Hayle Harbour with your Hound

After what feels like the longest year in history for the entire world, soon, many of us can enjoy the great outdoors again with our loved ones and spend some more well-needed quality time with our four-legged friends. 

Our Cornish coastline is home to some of the most idyllic and spectacular scenes in the entire of the UK, and finding the pawfect spot to play with your canine companion has never been easier. Located just a stone’s throw away from our perfect pet shop, Hayle is home to one of the best harbours for you and your furry friend to explore. From soft sand to cosy cafes, here’s why Hayle Harbour should be your next spot of choice for an adventure with your four-legged friend. 

Hayle Beach

Great for Dogs

With lockdown gradually easing and popular beaches resorting to dog bans to prevent our playful pups from experiencing the sandy shores, dog owners are limited across Cornwall of places to take their canine companions. 

Hayle Harbour is dog-friendly all year round and a favourite spot amongst dog walkers across the county. With its soft sand and easily accessible water, whether your dog fancies splashing its paws or a full on swim, Hayle Harbour is the pawfect place to take your four-legged friend. 

What makes Hayle Harbour so idyllic for your canine companion is the mixture of terrain in various parts of the beach. From sandy spots to pebbly paths, you and your pooch can enjoy a long and lovely stroll up and down the beach making you ready for that hot chocolate or ice-cream at the end of your journey. With nearby cafes serving some of the best refreshments, whether your pooch needs a quick drink or you fancy a soft scoop ice-cream, it is the ideal spot for taking your dog this spring. 

Boats in hayle harbour Cornwall

Lovely Location 

For those local to the Hayle area, this lavish location is situated around the corner from our favourite pasty shop - Philps. With free-parking right on the edge of the sand, if your dog fancies a quick splash and sandy paws then there is no better place to enjoy the sights of Hayle than the harbour.

The harbour is also easily accessible for those outside the Hayle district. This easy and simple to find location is home to some spectacular scenery, and when the sun begins to shine, if you fancy an Insta worthy picture then Hayle Harbour is the place for you. 

Hayle Harbour Cornwall

Wild with Water

As the weather warms across the country and our weekends appear more appealing to venture out onto the beach, one of the most popular sports storming the world is paddleboarding. Gentler than surfing and offering a more relaxed vibe for all levels, this wonderful watersport is perfect in the heart of Hayle Harbour. 

So as the paddleboarding community grows and grows in Cornwall, Hayle Harbour is becoming a top spot for paddleboarders across the county. Avoiding the swell from Gwithian, the harbour promises calm waters with scenic views making it a great spot for novice paddle boarders. But what's even better about this activity is that it can be enjoyed with your four-legged friend. With the right floatation device and some practice on the water, your pooch can perch whilst you paddle and you both can enjoy some fun in the water all day long. 

This spot is also perfect for enjoying kayaking and simple swimming with your four-legged friend. Absent of any dramatic drops or cliff edges, you and your pooch can simply ease into the water making it perfect for dogs who are learning to swim for the first time. 

Large dog swimming a beach

As lockdown lifts and weather warms, there is no better place to get outdoors than Hayle Harbour. Easily accessible and home to stunning scenery, this simple to reach beach is a spot your whole family will love, especially your four-legged friend.

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