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Fight Those Fleas

Fight Those Fleas

We all know having an insatiable itch can drive us non-stop crazy.

Scratching away day at night, making ourselves as red as a beetroot and leaving our skin raw just makes us want to scream. What if you couldn’t do that? Imagine not being able to say “Damn, this itch is just not going away?” or “I really need some cream now”! Well, that’s what our furry four-legged friends have to go through when they get a visit from their most irritating of house guests – a case of the fleas!

With flea season well and truly underway, preventing these pesky parasites from chomping on their skin is more important than ever. Known for causing havoc upon our pets and leaving their fur covered in black dots and scratching away for days, these nasty bugs seem to always find a way of jumping onto their victims. Whether it’s a spot on treatment or in tablet form, there are many products out there that aim to aid in the prevention of these canine loving critters.

Wild Wash - Anti-Flea Shampoo

Wildwash Shampoo Anti-Flea Shampoo Dog Grooming Wildwash

Containing the soothing ingredients of Lemongrass and Eucalyptus, WildWash anti-flea shampoo provides a deep and cleansing wash for your pet to keep those pesky fleas at bay. Infused with incredible ingredients, this natural and botanical wash will leave your pet clean, feeling soothed and smelling beautiful.

This shampoo packs a punch and requires diluting at a 32 to 1 ratio. This 300ml bottle is equivalent to 10 Litres when diluted. This bottle will give at least 10 washes for a big dog and up to 20 washes for a smaller dog. WildWash sells mixing bottles separately and provides all dilution rates thus making your shampoo last longer. Mixing bottles are not included so must be purchased separately. 

Available at £14.95 for 300ml - Shop Here

Flea Repellent Spray

Wildwash Flea & Bug Repellent Dog Grooming Wildwash

WildWash Flea Repellent consists of ingredients specially selected from four continents that are proven to be the most effective flea repellent botanicals.

Infusing these ingredients results in a flea treatment that is 100% natural and does the job, exactly how you want it to! With ingredients such as Peppermint and Lavender, not only does this spray help to deter fleas, flies, mites and ticks, but the combination of these botanicals provides a soothing and aromatic sensation to keep your furry friend feeling the best that they can.

Available from our store at £14.95 for 300ml - Shop Here

Billy No Mates Anti-Flea Powder & Tincture

CSJ Billy No Mates! Tincture Dog Supplements CSJ

A totally natural mix that is despised by ticks, fleas and mites. Combining the aromatics of mint, seaweed, fenugreek, neem leaves and lemon balm and simply added to your dog or cat's food creates anti-flea treatment that leaves your pet feeling calm and soothed. 

Billy No Mates is proven to be great for skin and coat condition. For this product to become totally effective, please allow up to 6 weeks. Remember though, this is not a complete cure for fleas but a preventive. If you believe your dog has fleas before starting BNM, consider using their Skinny Dip Shampoo.

CSJ Billy No Mates! Dog Supplements CSJ

For BNM Anti Flea Powder use:

  • Small Dog – ½ a scoop
  • Medium Dog – 1 scoop
  • Large Dog – 1-2 scoops

For BNM Tincture use:

1ml (20 drops) per 10Kg body weight. For small pets, the 50ml bottle contains a calibrated pipette which is perfect for dispensing a small volume.

Cats need only 10 drops per day in food or drink (based on 5Kg cat).

(Suitable for Puppies from 12 weeks & Kittens from 6 months. DO NOT USE for bitches in whelp or cats in kitten).

Shop the Billy No Mates Range Here

Dorwest Garlic Juice

Dorwest Garlic Juice for Dogs & Cats Dog Supplements Dorwest

Famous for keeping away vampires, garlic has been used for years as a preventative from parasites. Parasites, like fleas and ticks, don’t like the pungent odour of garlic and a top tip is to comb this liquid through the coat to discourage those nasty pests. Keep those fleas at bay with this superb spray that is an ideal preventative for those needs for itching and scratching.

Featuring 100% Garlic Juice and nothing else, this homeopathic alternative for chemical sprays and treatment provides your pet with a wholesome, natural and safe treatment that will keep those vicious vampires away.

Grab yours for £8.00 - Shop Now!

So as flea multiply and hunt for their next cosy canine or cat, stop them before they begin with our amazing flea preventers and keep those pesky parasites at bay – the Natural Cornish Pet Shop way.

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