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Fighting Fleas in Warmer Weather

Fighting Fleas in Warmer Weather

As the sun shines and the weather warms, many of us are preparing our BBQs and paddling pools and hoping for a summer much better than the last. But as the weather warms, a few creepy critters begin to crawl their way into our homes finding solace on our pet’s skin and fur. 

With the summer sun shining down on our four-legged friends, fleas are prone to attack and as we always say at Natural Cornish Pet Shop; prevention is most definitely better than cure. With a range of sprays and ointments available to help keep fleas at bay, ensure your furry friend’s skin is soothed this summer, with Natural Cornish Pet Shop, and invest in some simple treatments to keep those pesky parasites at bay. 

Dog scratching with hind leg

Woes of Warmer Weather

When the warmer weather hits, we tend to rejoice at the thought of what the superb sunshine will bring. However, as the temperatures potentially soar across the UK in the upcoming months, we can see a rise in fleas in our four-legged friends. 

In warmer temperatures, flea eggs tend to grow and hatch at a much faster rate increasing the likelihood of infestation in both our pets and our homes. With flea infestation being a nasty problem to treat, keeping your dog’s flea free is the best way to ensure you and your pets can enjoy the summer sun without any worry of unwanted visitors. In addition to regular flea treatment, anti-flea shampoos, sprays and washing bedding regularly can help prevent fleas becoming a problem in our lives. 

Benefits of Being Flea-Free

Having fleas isn’t the end of the world but can be a tricky task to overcome for both pets and the humans living with them. Unlike other critters, sprays and ointments can be used on your pets fur to prevent your pooch from picking up these pesky parasites. Often climbing onto their hair from outside or even other animals they come into contact with and can easily infest if left untreated. 

Symptoms can be a prickly plight for our furry friends leaving their skin red, sore and itchy beyond belief. Fleas can be identified on your pet’s fur easily (if you have a lighter coloured cat or dog - it is even easier) with areas prone to bites being their backs and bellies. If you notice your pet scratching these areas, take a look for fleas and if you notice some there, treat immediately. 

Large dog sunning itself on grass

Perfect Preventatives

When it comes to fighting fleas, there’s no better place to find what you need to keep your pet and home flea free this summer than Natural Cornish Pet Shop. From tremendous tinctures to superb sprays, no matter what preventative you prefer, we have something for you.  

Made with only the most natural ingredients, whilst being super safe and soothing for your four-legged friends, our range of anti-flea products will keep your dog’s skin looking and feeling awesome all summer long. 


With two pawfect products to help keep those ferocious fleas at bay the Wildwash selection has got you covered.

Their scrumptious smelling Flea & Bug Repellant Spray is made with 100% natural ingredients and is suited for all breeds of dog’s no matter what the skin type. Using ingredients including peppermint and lavender that are plucked straight from the great outdoors and combined with essential oils to help soothe skin, this spray ensures your pooch is free of fleas no matter how warm the weather. 

Wildwash flea and bug repellant spray
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Want to help your dog stay flea free during your grooming routine? Why not try the Wildwash Anti-Flea Shampoo. Combining amazing aromas and enticing essential oils, this anti-flea shampoo is free from alcohol, parabens and any other nastiness, ensuring your pooch gets a scrumptious wash whilst staying completely flea free. Containing the same incredible ingredients as their flea and bug repellent spray, double the anti-parasite power and leave your dog smelling luscious after every bath time. 

Bottle of Wildwash shampoo for dogs
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CSJ Billy No Mates

When it comes to fantastic flea preventatives, there really is nothing quite like the products from CSJ. Their anti-flea tincture and powder are dedicated to ensuring your dog remains bug-free and their skin is left without any irritating itches all year round. 

Approved by vets and featuring only the most natural of ingredients, these tried and tested remedies are everything your pooch needs to stay flea free this summer. Featuring a mixture of mint and lemon, the best natural flea preventers around, this super-powered product is designed to be used in conjunction with your dog’s food giving them the greatest pawtection against fleas, ticks and other pesky parasites. 

Billy No Mates
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So, as the weather warms and the likelihood of fleas increases, invest in some fantastic anti-flea products and ensure your four-legged friend is kept safe and comfortable this summer. 

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