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Fish Treats for Good Friday

Fish Treats for Good Friday

In addition to the eggstatic celebrations of Easter, our bank holiday weekend of wonder begins this Friday with the celebration of Good Friday. As our Easter weekends are often filled with roasts of fresh spring lamb, many of us choose to step away from the munching of meat and eat fish on this respected day. 

As many of our furry friends adore the flavours of fish all year around, we thought it best to celebrate the range of fantastic fish treats you can get your paws on this bank-holiday weekend. From fish fingers to white fish cookies, our superb selection of fishy snacks will most definitely make their Friday a great way to start an Easter weekend. 

Dalmation with fish in mouth

Why Eat Fish on Good Friday?

In Christian beliefs, Good Friday takes its name from the day in which Jesus was sacrificed for the good of others. A tradition that has been around for centuries is not to consume the meat of warm-blooded animals, such as beef or lamb, to symbolize the sacrifice Jesus made for us during his death. 

As warm-blooded animals are avoided on this significant day, many have chosen to turn to fish since they are cold-blooded and don’t resemble the body and blood of the soul that gave his life to save the people of the world. 

Our Fish Treats

Bursting with beneficial Omega oils and one of the most nutritional proteins on the pet food market, fish has long been a staple of choice to feed our four-legged friends. Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love fish treats so much we decided to create our very own range. Made with nothing more than pure, all-natural ingredients, our fish based treats are everything you need to give your pets something delicious this Friday. 

Fish Fingers

Our 100% natural fish fingers are made with completely natural fish skins sourced sustainably and ethically in our British Waters. Packed with an abundance of Omega 3 amazement, these fish skins are a great alternative to meaty chews and provide a healthy boost for the skin and coats of our furry friends. 

These highly digestible and delicious snacks are perfect for on-the-go treats or broken on top of your dog’s dinner. Loaded with nutrients to help support maintenance of glossy coats and great skin, these are fish fingers that even Captain Birdseye himself would want to get his hands on. 

Bag of Natural Cornish Pet Fish Fingers for dogs
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Natural Fish Cookies

Another sumptuous snack packed with an abundance of Omega oils and crunchy to the extreme, are our own range of fish based cookies and they are a product that your dog won’t help but beg for. 

What’s better than one variety of tasty treats? Well, its four of course. Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we know how much your dogs love to chomp and chew away at their healthy dose of fishy goodness. Creating a range of cookies each containing a variety of fish nutritionally beneficial to our furry friends, our cookie selection is one to give McVities a run for its money. Including Salmon, White Fish, Cod and Redfish, our cookies are made right here in the heart of West Cornwall and contain nothing more than sustainably sourced fish and luscious sweet potato. Their crunchy exterior is great for your dog’s teeth and is a great way to give your dog a taste of the best of our British waters. 

Cornish fish selection box for dogs
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Best Of The Rest

Woolf Cod Treats

Release their inner wolf and tempt your canine companion with Woolf’s scrumptious selection of cod based chews and treats that are too delicious to not gobble all at once. Combining your dog’s favourite proteins such as chicken and lamb with ever-so-scrumptious cod, provides these treats with pawfuls of protein giving your pooch a healthy dose in each and every treat. 

Completely grain-free and with zero additives and flavourings, these wholesome, natural sticks and bites are the ideal treat to start a playful pup on during their training years. Containing the highest quality meat and fish, this is one treat that will leave your pet thinking, oh my cod! 

Packet of Woolf lamb and cod dog treats
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So with Good Friday just days away, give your canine companion something to begin their Bank Holiday Weekend with a bang.

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