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Frozen: The Freshest Raw Food For Dogs?

Frozen: The Freshest Raw Food For Dogs?

Recently we were sitting in our offices, in Hayle, Cornwall, and wondering, ‘what is the best way for people to feed their dogs the freshest raw food available if there isn't a local supplier’? 

The answer... Frozen of course. When it comes to getting the freshest ingredients on our plates we often turn to the magic of our freezers, to enable us to have fresh foods that can be kept on hand and in the best quality until we need them. This super useful method is now being used by many dog owners too, especially those who are turning to raw diets or complementing their dogs dinners with raw ingredients. With frozen raw foods there can always be fresh meat that is easy to store, 100% natural and is guaranteed to have all the nutrient density that your dogs will need in their raw diets, whenever it's meal time.

What is Frozen Raw Food For Dogs?

It couldn't be any simpler, frozen raw food for dogs is meat and fish that is frozen as soon as it is prepared and is sold directly to you, the consumer, allowing for dog owners to have a fresh supply of high quality raw ingredients whenever they are needed. Because raw diets involve no cooking, these handy meaty morsels can just be thawed and served, making it as easy as any dog food option we can think of.

Frozen Raw Chicken Wings for Dogs

What is a Raw Food Diet for Dogs?

Raw food diets have long been an option for dog owners and consist of ingredients that have not been cooked or prepared in any way. Raw diets are closer to the ancestral diets of your dogs than many commercially available dog foods are and there is evidence to show this can lead to a healthier hound. However, raw diets should only be undertaken with the advice of your vet and some very in-depth research, as they can lead to problems for some dogs. If after your research you do decide that a raw diet is the way forward then you'll need a good supplier for all your protein needs. At Natural Cornish Pet we have an excellent selection of raw frozen foods that can be delivered countrywide and are selected from only the finest British producers, giving your dog the best quality food every time you thaw.

Raw meats and fish can also be given as complimentary ingredients in your dog's dinner, giving them the benefits of raw food without having to go the whole way into a raw diet. We would still advise speaking to your vet if you were planning on switching to any raw ingredients or foods.

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Frozen Raw Foods for Dogs at Natural Cornish Pet

Here at Natural Cornish Pet we have been selling the finest raw foods since our inception and we pride ourselves on the quality of everything we stock, and this includes our brand new Frozen Raw Foods range. At the moment this range consists of five fabulous foods that can be used as a part of a raw diet or as a complimentary ingredient to your dog's normal dinners, to give them a nutritional boost or just an exceptional explosion of new flavours. Our frozen range consists of Salmon Chunks, Whole Sprats, Chicken Wings, Duck Wings and Chicken Feet, giving your dogs a great selection of the very best of British proteins at every mealtime. 

Frozen Raw food for dogs by Natural Cornish Pet

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Should We Be Worried About Bones in Raw Dog Food?

Absolutely not! Although bones in cooked poultry and fish can be hazardous, as they become brittle and dry in the cooking process. Uncooked bones are rubbery and your dog's digestive system is perfectly adapted to deal with them.

Getting Started With Frozen Raw Food For Dogs 

We would recommend starting your dogs off slowly by adding small amounts of raw ingredients to their diet, such as a handful of our Raw Whole Sprats or a serving of our Raw Salmon Chunks on top of your dogs usual dinner. If they seem to react well to this then you can keep increasing the amounts until you are at the level you and your vet, or pet nutritionist, have decided on. Although we aren't vets, here at Natural Cornish Pet, we do have decades of experience in looking after dogs and will be happy to point anyone new to raw feeding in the right direction, so please don't hesitate in dropping us a line or coming to our shop, in St. Erth, Cornwall, for any advice you may need. 

When it comes to raw foods, freshness is paramount and there's no better way to keep foods fresh than in the freezer. So, if you and your dog are on the raw food journey why not try some of our fabulous frozen options so you can be safe in the knowledge that they are getting the very best and freshest raw ingredients in every bountiful bowlful.

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