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Getting Through Lockdown 2.0

Getting Through Lockdown 2.0

With Britain in the middle of a second national lockdown, many of us are stuck at home with our furry friends unable to socialise with loved ones or explore our favourite places. With just our canines as companions, this second wave of lockdown, especially in the wintery weather can seem like a series of unfortunate events. 

However, as a nation, we are experts in making lemonade from lemons and as we all work extremely hard to keep ourselves and our nation safe, this is a pawfect time to really bond with your four-legged friend and use this time to explore new paths, teach tremendous tricks or even just absorb the quality time you have together. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we wish for life to return to normal just as much as anyone, but with a couple of weeks of lockdown still to go, here’s our tips and tricks to keep you and your four-legged friend occupied until December 2nd

Winter Walks

Despite many recreational activities on the ‘not to do list’, one activity is still possible for every pet owner in the country – the walk. Having the ability to leave our houses to take our animals for a much needed adventure is great for both ours and our pet’s mental health. 

Providing them with much needed exercise to keep their bodies in tip top shape, a few extra walkies this winter can also boost the serotonin levels in us as exercise is proven to boost endorphins which release the happy chemical in our bodies. In addition, walks are a great way for your four-legged friends to explore new places and smells, improving their ability to detect new aromas and scents giving them vital brain stimulation.

Just ensure that if you are venturing outside in the cold and darker weather, that both you and your pet are visible to other road users. Invest in a light for their collars or harnesses and a cosy jumper or coat to keep them warm this winter. 

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Teach them Tricks

    With some tasty treats and a sprinkle of patience, this lockdown will be far from loathsome if you teach your dog a new task they will know and love for years to come. 

    Explore some of our top training treats: 

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    Throughout their lives, dogs need time to play in order to improve their physical and cognitive development. Understanding what they can and can’t do with a toy helps dogs develop their brains’ functionality. For our four-legged friends playing with their favourite toy can boost mental stimulation and with a variety of toys on offer, dogs can release those ancestral urges to pounce, play, hunt and prey on their beloved rope tug or teddy bear.

    Nothing solidifies the bond between you and your pet like playtime. Releasing serotonin in their brains, when retrieving a ball or seeing you clap, cheer or laugh during playtime, our dogs wish to fulfil those responses in every play session when they realise you are happy with their behaviour.  

    Most importantly, toys can provide a source of essential exercise for your dog. Whether it’s chasing a ball, playing tug of war or solving a puzzle, their toys can provide them with hours and hours of activity ensuring their muscular and bone health is maintained through those pawfect playtimes.

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    Use these tips to brighten up the second half of Lockdown 2.0, and fingers crossed the time will fly by!

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