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Give a Gift

Give a Gift

We all love treating our dogs.

Whether it be their birthdays, holidays or just because we love them, we all jump at the chance to splash some cash and bring our four-legged friends home something to make their tails wag all day long!

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love treating our pets. We know how hard they work to keep us amused, happy and feeling loved 24/7, and they deserve treats as much as possible. So without breaking the bank, and featuring wholesome treats that are both delicious and nutritionally beneficial for our dogs, we have decided to create a range of subscription gift boxes to give your pooch a treat, just because they deserve it!

What’s a subscription box?

New to the retail market, subscription boxes have become available across a multitude of items. From chocolate to beauty products, we can now sign up for gift boxes and get a gift delivered to our door every month. So with subscription boxes on the rise in the human consumer market, it is no wonder these brilliant boxes have made their way to the pet food business!

Paying a fee via direct debit each month, means you can ensure your pet gets a range of tasty treats delivered straight to your door, without even leaving the comfort of your own home!

Subscribe & Save

Due to the current pandemic, the shopping experience has become very different over the last few months. Subscribing to a regular treat box can actually save you time and money when it comes to choosing an ideal gift for your four-legged friend. With our boxes available on a ‘One-Off Payment’ option or ‘Subscribe & Save’ you can choose to make a one time gift for your pooch, or set up a monthly reward for being the best pet ever!

With no contracts, and simple to cancel anytime, our subscribe and save boxes can be the surprise your pet looks forward to every single month.

Our Brilliant Boxes

The Fish Chew Box

Is your pooch already a fish lover and can’t wait for his next fishy snack? Maybe you have a furry friend who deserve a gift? Look no further than our brilliant fishtastic boxes. Packed with a range of fishy treats, these boxes are ideal for dogs who already have the taste for fish or for an exciting new range of treats 

These chews are gentle on digestion, great for teeth and full of joint supporting omega-rich oils. This bundle of chewy and crunchy fish bites will keep your four-legged companion amused for hours! Created using sustainably caught fish from British Waters. The snacks are suitable for all ages and sizes.

This Box Contains:

1x Mighty Chew
2x Fish Twirls
1x Large Woolf Bar
1x Small Fish Stick

Available for £11.99 as a One-Off Purchase or Subscribe & Save @ £11.39

Pig 'N' Mix Deli Box

Pig 'n' Mix 100% Natural Deli Bundle Box for Dogs Dog Toys Natural Cornish Pet

Featuring a selection of our dogs’ favourite piggy treats, these delicious air-dried snacks are great for all the chewers out there. Consisting of 100% tasty pork cartilage & skin, these chews strengthen chewing muscles, as well as helping to clean your dog's teeth as they gnaw on these mouth-watering treats. our Pig 'N' Mix chews are pawfectly wholesome and great for digestion, making them an ideal treat for troublesome tummies!

The Box Contains:

1 x Pigs' Ears
1 x Pig Trotter
2 x Pigs Tails
3 x Pig Snouts
2x Pork Bites 

Available for £9.49 as a ‘One-Off Purchase’ or £9.02 on Subscribe & Save.

Moo Deli Box

Moo Box 100% Natural Deli Bundle Box for Dogs Dog Toys Natural Cornish Pet

Containing the best cow-based treats we have to offer, our mootastic deli box is everything your dog needs to satisfy their chewing urges. Great for teeth and digestion, this selection of scrumptious snacks is a pawfect treat for any breed or size pooch out there. What’s even better about this bumper size pack of treats, is the quantity of tasty chews it contains. Featuring 11 fantastic chews and 5 extra beefy treats, this cowtastic box is an ideal gift for daily chompers out there. With a mass array of treats available in this beefy box, there is no denying how udderly delicious this snack box is!

The Box Contains:

5 x Beef Coins
2 x Mini Beef Tails
3 x Beef Jerky Chew
1 x Beef Scalp Chew
2 x Beef Trachea
1 x XL Cow Ear
2 x Beef Neck Tendon

Available for £14.99 as a ‘One-Off Purchase’ or £14.24 on Subscribe & Save.

Wolf Fish Flat Chew Box

Wolf Fish Flat Chew Box Dog Treats Natural Cornish Pet

Packed to the brim with Omega 3-stuffed fishy treats, our Wolf Fish Flat Chews are a long lasting and healthy treat, made using 100% Wolf Fish skins. The process of naturally drying the skins ensures that the chews are more durable whilst retaining their nutrients. No additives, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours - perfect! We’ve bundled together 10 Wolf Fish Flat Chews into this handy box, lovingly wrapped in our bespoke Natural Cornish Pet shop paper.


 Available at a bargain price at £7.50 as a ‘One-Off Purchase’ or £7.13 on Subscribe & Save

So with a superb selection of subscription boxes on offer, give a gift a little different this year and finally give a pooch something pawsitive to associate with the pesky postman.

View our whole range of gifts for dogs here!

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