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Help with Hairballs

Help with Hairballs

Whether you are a cat-lover or new to the feline world, you may have experienced a furry friend coughing up something strange in the corner. Being self-groomers and dedicated to keeping themselves clean and tidy, cats are prone to coughing up chunks of fur that they take in during times of grooming. Despite the noise being unnerving and worrying, hairballs are a common occurrence in our four-legged friends but precautions can also be taken to ensure your cat stays safe whilst cleaning themselves. 

If you're sitting wondering why our cats clean like they do and why they cough up such a lavish amount of locks, here’s everything you need to know about hairballs and what you can do to keep your feline friend safe when taking care of their fur. 

Image of good looking cat

What is a Hairball?

Just like the name states, a hairball is a ball of a cat’s ‘hair’ of fur. Like us humans, cats groom themselves to stay clean and tidy unlike their canine counterparts who require a human to do their brushing and grooming. Unlike us, cats use their tongues to clean and brush their fur which leaves fur collecting on their tongues which they then inevitably swallow. Ever had that disgusting moment when you accidentally feel a hair in your mouth and you can feel it tickle your throat? Well, this is a similar sensation to our cat’s experience after the grooming process. 

A cat’s tongue is actually evolutionarily designed for grooming. Their tongues contain miniscule barbs that are meant to collect loose hairs (imagine a little hairbrush on their tongue) when they lick their fur. Often, loose hairs simply pass through a cat’s digestive system but sometimes can collect which result in a hairball that cats cannot help but cough up hours or sometimes even days after grooming. 

How to Help

Hairballs should not be a daily occurrence in your cat’s life, in fact, your cat should potentially only experience a hairball a few times a month or less. If you see your cat coughing, gagging or retching it is highly likely they are attempting to pass a hairball and research suggests leaving your cat alone and giving them space is the best medicine. 

You can give your cat a paste to put onto their fur to make their fur easily digestible to prevent the collection of hairballs from building up. However, this is often not required as making simple dietary changes can prevent a problem meaning your cat has an easier grooming process and hair-balls are reduced in the process. 

Cat grooming itself

Tasty Treats

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love finding simple ways to make yours and your pet’s lives easier and healthier. Understanding the discomfort and unsettling nature of hairballs, we did some research and found a tasty treat that is great for your feline friends’ bodies and aids in the reduction of hairballs. 

Our friends at TrueHemp, a company dedicated to creating tasty treats containing hemp for our feline and canine friends have created some scrumptious snacks designed to improve hairballs in our cats. Designed to prevent intestinal damage caused by hairballs over time, the fantastic formula in these blissful vegetable based bites are one of the best ways of reducing hairballs in your feline friend. Made with figs and pea fibre to aid digestion and support the elimination of hairballs, these 100% natural and wholesome treats can counteract that nasty collection of hairs whilst giving your cat a whole heap of hemp happiness. 

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In addition to their hairball reducing benefits, these tasty treats are also fantastic for your cat’s teeth. Created with a crunchy exterior and soft inside to mimic their traditional diets, these blissful biscuits also help to reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar on your cat’s teeth. 

Ultimately, these treats are a definite choice if your terrific tabby is coughing up hairballs more regularly and can help maintain their oral health to boot, keeping both their tummies and teeth safe and healthy. 100% grain-free and made with a whole heap of hemp, these Anti-Hairball treats from Truehemp are one product your cats won’t want to wait to get their paws on. 

Packet of Truehemp anti-hairball support treats
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So if you've got a problem that feels a little hairy we have some scrumptious snacks for your feline friend that will both reduce those nasty coughing episodes and give your cat a taste of how our truly tremendous Truehemp products can be.

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