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Hemp for your Hound

Hemp for your Hound

As one of the most popular emerging ingredients in the pet food market, hemp has taken the dog world by storm. Offering benefits to your dog’s overall health and wellbeing, hemp really can make your hound as happy as ever. 

Providing support for your dog’s joints and muscles, hemp can make a real difference for dogs who suffer with conditions such as arthritis or problems with mobility. This plant has increased in popularity so much over the recent years, more and more businesses are choosing to incorporate hemp into dog food and treats.

With this glorious ingredient being used in our pet’s treats and food more and more, we couldn’t help but find out for ourselves just how great it is. 

Why the Hype about Hemp?

Hemp is an all-natural plant product that has been used for centuries in the treatment of medical ailments across the world. From promotion of healthy blood cells to strengthening the immune system, Hemp is amazing for your dog’s well-being and growth too, and can also assist healthy bodily functions no matter what age or size. 

The Hemp featured in pet products is derived from the seeds of the plant. These seeds are then extracted for oil and used in dog treats or food with magical benefits. Hemp seed oil has a perfect balance of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids which are essential to your dog’s health and wellness. Incapable of producing Omega 6 and 3, your dog can only get them from supplements or food, hemp does this job and provides a bucket load of the duo and is one of the best and most natural ways to do so.

Hemp seeds in wooden spoon

How Hemp Helps

Our dog’s health and well-being is kept in check by hormones, these hormones contribute to the function of the whole body from the muscles right down to the circulatory system. As Hemp Oil contains a robust amount of Omega 3&6, needed to synthesise certain essential hormones, your four-legged friend’s body is gaining an added boost from hemp products, to keep their bodies healthy and tails wagging all day long. 

Used as a primary ingredient in their treats and dental sticks, if you want to explore the benefits of hemp then there is no better brand than True Hemp. Created with our dog’s health and wellbeing in mind, here’s why we love TrueHemp and your pooch will too. 

Treat them with TrueHemp

Packed with 70% wholesome protein and completely grain-free, True Hemp treats are a fantastic way of introducing hemp seed oil into your pet’s diet. The combination of paw-fect protein and helpful hemp provides your dog with a scrumptious and nutritionally beneficial snack we guarantee they will come back for time and time again.

Available in a range of flavours with each targeted at a specific ailment, True Hemp treats are created with dog’s health and wellbeing in mind. From anxious dogs to itchy dogs, no matter the problem, True Hemp has the solution.

Our range of True Hemp Dog Treats Include:

  • Calming (Green Tea, Chamomile & Lemon) – Great for anxious dogs who need a calming soothe.
  • Hip + Joint Support (Green Lipped Mussel & Tumeric Root) – Fab to keep those muscles and bones in check
  • Skin + Coat (Flax Seed & Pomegranate) – Brilliant for irritated dogs who wish for soft, smooth and silky skin and coats
True Hemp Dog treats hip and joint variety
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Delicious Dental Bars

We all know just how difficult it can be to keep up with our dog’s oral hygiene. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean really can be a tricky task. Created to keep your dog’s teeth and gums smelling and looking as fresh as ever, the TrueHemp Flex Bar is everything your pooch needs to keep those pearly whites gleaming bright. 

True Leaf Dental Flex Bar combines hemp leaf with other natural ingredients to help maintain your dog’s dental health. The unique shape and texture helps to clean your dog’s teeth as the ridges get right into those nooks and crannies, it’s basically a tasty floss for your dog!

Containing Eucalyptus and parsley oil to help freshen breath, this bar will leave your dog with beautiful smelling breath and cleaner looking teeth.

Available Medium and Large sizes, you can purchase these bars as singles and if your pooch loves them – bulk-buy in bundles of four.

Pack of four True Hemp dental bars for dogs
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From poorly joints to sore skin, hemp really can make a difference to your dog’s wellbeing, so grab a treat today and see how hemp can help your hound this winter.

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