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Hugglehounds: The Pawfect Toy for Cuddling

Hugglehounds: The Pawfect Toy for Cuddling

Like us, our pets crave the same need to cosy up to something soft and cuddly.

From puppies, our four-legged friends may have their favourite snuggle toy that kept them reassured when you first brought them home on that amazing day.

Throughout their lives, dogs will chew, nibble and bite their way through numerous chews and toys, but will always return to that trusted teddy that keeps them feeling safe and secure no matter what the situation.

For dogs out there who want the best possible cuddliness and comfort from a toy, then look no further than Hugglehounds. Created with dog’s comfort in mind, these selection of snuggly toys are ideal for all dogs, from puppies all the way to our golden oldies.


When it comes to having something to snuggle, a Hugglehound is pawfection!

They’ve Done the Research

At HuggleHounds HQ, the team are dedicated to ensuring their toys are the best possible fit for our canine companions. They have spent countless hours traveling the world to bring the newest, freshest colours and fabrics to our designs.

Their classic 'Knotties' toys are created with the softest plush corduroy fabric available, and embellishments which give the toys design detail that won’t be repeated by any other manufacturer making them as unique as possible.

All about the Huggle

Back in 2009, HuggleHounds® began their journey with the release of their first dog toy - Knotties®. They arrived on pet shop shelves as the original knotted, plush dog toy, and remain in the Hugglehounds collection to this day, and are still among some of their best-sellers.

With worldwide success of their plush dog toy, Hugglehounds continue to release new toy colours and characters each year, resulting in an extensive range of furry friends that our dogs can love and enjoy.

Developed with a dog’s love of cuddles, each and every toy manufactured by Hugglehounds is created with their very own heart logo. It is clear that they put their heart into every product they design and create, so if it’s a top quality toy you are after, then just look for the Huggle heart.

The HuggleHound Crew

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore any toy that promises to both soothe and occupy our pets for hours upon hours. As a staple part of their playtime, a dog’s old reliable toy can provide them with hours of boredom busting fun. Pull toys, plushies and soft squishes, HuggleHounds really do have everything your dog needs for a fantastic playtime.

Understanding how dogs play, Hugglehounds are purposely designed to maximise comfort and play. Their range of fantastic toys are perfect for dogs who love to tug and pull whilst providing snuggly softness all day long. With a plethora of plushies to choose from, take a peek at our scrumptious selection of terrific toys to keep your dogs feeling calm and safe all day long.

HuggleHound Knotties

Their original HuggleHounds toy is designed with multiple squeakers and their signature knotted limbs for seriously engaging playtime. Hand-stitched from original designs, their unique Tuffut technology and finished with the huggle heart – this is the Hugglehounds toy your four-legged friends needs to get their paws on.

What’s Tuffut Technology?

Tuffut Technology provides each Hugglehound toy with a patented 3-layer protection, meaning they can survive frequent play sessions with even the toughest chewers! Each layer is a different high-quality fabric, combined to provide ultimate flexibility and durability for your pet’s favourite friend.

Each 'Tuffut Technology' toy is:

  • Made of 3 High Quality Layers
  • Easy Wash and Easy Dry
  • Features their famous Huggleheart

Meet our Hugglehound friends today:

Hugglehounds RuffTex

For a less snuggly version but still packed with ounces of fun, Hugglehounds Ruff-Tex toys are the answer to bust boredom in the more active pooches out there. Ruff-Tex toys are made from all-natural rubber with extra thick, tear-resistant walls and contain an extra-durable PU foam stuffing. Each Ruff-Tex is a bounceable, stretchable and even squeezable, resulting in a squishy little sphere stuffed full of personality and ready for the roughest play pals.

Explore our range of Ruff-Tex:

With all of these fantastic toys and teddies available on our website, you are just a few clicks away from picking up a plush that is pawfect for your pet.

With prices starting at £3.49 onwards, these affordable and amazing toys are everything your pooch needs for a pawfect playtime.

Shop the Hugglehounds Range Here!

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