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Hurtta For Your Hound

Hurtta For Your Hound

As the weather becomes more and more turbulent, especially on our Cornish coast, wrapping up this winter has never been more important.

Like us, our dogs hate to venture out into the cold unprotected. There is nothing worse than leaving the house and feeling the harsh cold freeze your skin. We grab our hats, scarves and gloves and wrap up for the wintery walkies ahead. From pawfect parkas to keep them warm to reflective gear to keep them seen in even the lowest of light, Hurrta are here to give your dogs all the clothing and accessories they need to keep them safe and warm this winter. 

Made to Measure

Tailored to suit every dog breed, size and age going, Hurrta dog apparel is designed to make your four-legged friend stay comfortable and protected in any type of weather. Come rain or shine, wind or snow, Hurrta is the clothing for you. Worried about finding the perfect fit? No need to worry. 

Hurrta’s expert sizing system is based on the measurement data of over 4,000 dogs across hundreds of breeds. Whether your dog is big or small, long haired or short haired, active or not so much – there is no doubt that there is a Hurrta product for you. 

Be a Weekend Warrior

From coats to collars, Hurrta have an extensive range of products to suit all-weather adventures for you and your furry friend. No matter what the skies are doing – Hurrta products are practical and perfect for any expedition you and your dog wish to go on. With wild winds and tempestuous storms bashing Britain in the past few weeks, there is no better time to get your paws on a Hurrta product. 

Cosy Coats 

Simple and efficient ways to keep the dog's body temperature stable in cold weather, Hurrta’s range of parkas are designed to ensure our dogs remain cosy and comfortable no matter what the weather might bring. 

Aiming to protect your dog's most important muscle groups- the chest and the sensitive abdomen area, their jackets are quick to put on and take off and well suited for warming up the muscles of active dogs before or after training.

Hurtta Coat
Ward off wild winds with our fantastic range of Hurrta Coats>

Classic Collars

Ergonomic and weather-proof, their range of Weekend Warrior collars are perfect for those who prefer to attach their dog’s lead to the collar. Made with highly durable and thick nylon, the wide padding makes the collar comfortable with the shape distributing pressure, caused by pulling, on a wider area around the dog’s neck resulting in a collar that is both soft and safe. 

Highly reflective and breathable, this collar is ideal for those late night walks keeping your pooch visible, cool and chafe free whilst out on those amazing adventures. We highly recommend this collar for dogs that have a tendency to get over excited on walks and can often pull.

Hurtta Collar
Available in a range of colours and designs, shop Hurtta Collars>

Hurrta Harness

Ideal for those ‘extra pully dogs’, a Hurrta Harness will evenly distribute that pesky pulling pressure across a dog’s chest rather than around the neck. Adjustable across the neck and chest, their Weekend Warrior range of harnesses ensure a pawfect fit for your four-legged friend. 

Struggle to put on your dog’s harness? Well, fear no more. Hurrta have designed their harnesses free of annoying buttons, clips or fiddly fastenings, just a simple clip buckles on the chest strap making it easier to put on without any lifting of your dog’s front paws. 

Created with super soft polyester with a weather-proof Houndtex lamination, this harness is not only comfortable but cooling too. With a breathable mesh in the lining, it ensures our dogs avoid chafing or increasing sweating around the neck.

Durable and secure, Hurrta Harnesses make it easier to control your dog and makes your dog feel comfortable and safe on each and every weekend adventure.

Hurtta Harness
Shop Hurtta Harnesses>

Lavish Leash

The last of their wonderful Weekend Warrior range, their lovely leashes are a perfectly designed for daily walks and activities with your dog. Made of 100% recycled polyester, Hurrta have worked hard to make this a leash for you. After years of trials and testing, their Weekend Warrior leashes are high in both quality and durability. 

Made with stainless steel and reflective material, this leash improves comfort and safety – ideal for those quieter walks in the dark. 

Matched perfectly with their harness and collar sets, their Weekend Warrior products provides your dog with extreme comfort, durability and safety meaning your wondrous walkies can focus on the most important factor – you and your dog having fun time and time again.

Hurtta Leash
Shop Hurtta Leashes>

Pawfectly fitting and designed with your dog’s movements in mind, pick up a Hurrta product today and keep your dog safe and warm this winter. 

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