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Improving Dog and Cat Gut Health With Verm-X at Natural Cornish Pet

Improving Dog and Cat Gut Health With Verm-X at Natural Cornish Pet

More and more of us are becoming aware of the importance of gut health in aiding a healthy lifestyle, with products such as kombucha, kefir and probiotic drinks becoming increasingly popular it's no wonder that some smart people have decided to turn their hand to the gut health of our pets too. 

As a company Natural Cornish Pet is dedicated to helping pet owners maintain the wellbeing of all their favourite furry friends. We do this by loading our shelves full of the very best of pet foods, treats and supplements that are all natural, wholesome and affordable. We are constantly striving to expand our range of brilliant products and welcome as many of the best all natural pet product producers the world has to offer in our shop.

A dog and a cat being friendly with one another


One of our latest discoveries is Verm-X, a company started at the turn of the century who are passionate about a natural approach to animal health and wellbeing. The founders of the company started to explore the alternatives to modern pharmaceuticals and supplements for our pets gut health and discovered that before the advent of chemical treatments people had relied solely on herbs to treat animal ailments. With this in mind alongside a holistic approach to pet welfare Verm-X developed their original formula. With all the Verm-X products being certified organic, made in Britain and ethically certified you can be assured of the best quality of products that have you, your pets and the greater planet at the heart of their ethos. 

Verm-X Original

Verm-X Original is a unique all natural blend of herbs specifically formulated to cultivate the healthiest of digestive systems and to aid gut vitality. Restoring and maintaining your animal's digestive tract is the cornerstone of good animal health and Verm-X Original can be an effective substitute for chemical medicines and supplements. All of the active herbs in Verm-X Original are certified organic and can be used to supplement your dog or cat's diet every day as it works on a natural timescale. Within 21 days Verm-X Original helps to control and protect the intestinal hygiene as well as maintaining the gut vitality of your pets. As well as being a gut saver Verm-X original is made with 100% all natural ingredients, is a good source of calcium and can help with revitalising coat condition too. There is also strong anecdotal evidence that suggests that Verm-X Original can also help to prevent worms too. So, this summer if you're looking to improve the general health of your dog or cat then Verm-X Original is the product for you. 

Verm-X Original Treats For Cats

These marvellously crunchy treats are the perfect way to introduce the benefits of Verm-X to your feline friends. Simply feed whole as a delicious treat or crumble over food and continue throughout the year for maximum effectiveness. These crunchies can be fed to any type of cat from your common shorthair to pure breeds and everything in between, they are also suitable for most animals with sensitivity issues in their stomachs. So if your cat seems like they need a boost why not try starting with their gut health and adding some Verm-X Original treats to their daily routine.

Tube of Verm-X for cats

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Verm-X Original Treats For Dogs

As with all the Verm-X Original recipes these dog treats are 100% natural and organic and contain a unique blend of herbs to improve the digestive health of your dog. Dogs are particularly sensitive to problems with gut vitality which can cause problems such as inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes, and feeding them between two and six of these fantastic treats, depending on the size of your dog, can go a long way to preventing these nasty problems. Containing herbs such as peppermint, thyme, fennel and garlic, these natural wonders are a brilliantly holistic way of creating a healthy hound.

Tube of Verm-X for dogs

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So, if you want to improve the gut health of your favourite furry friends then Verm-X Original Treats are an easy and wholesome way of doing so. Using years of experience and a massive dollop of passion Verm-X have managed to create a delicious treat for dogs and cats with a whole heap of marvellous benefits. Natural Cornish Pet are proud to stock products with your pets best interests at heart and we love the ethos and perfect products the team at Verm-X are making, so pick up some Verm-X Original Treats today and start your pet's journey to a healthier gut and a healthier life.

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