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Introducing Eden

Introducing Eden

With a name symbolising a state of tranquillity, paradise and beauty, Eden Holistic Pet food embodies the glorious essence of what all-natural and wholesome pet food is about.

Creating highly nutritious and delicious food for our four-legged friends, the team at Eden pride themselves in knowing exactly what our pets need and want to eat.

Developed from knowledge of our pets’ ancestral diet, this new and innovative brand is set to storm the pet food market. With a plethora of fabulous flavours, eye-catching packaging and free from nastiness, this is one pet food that your furry friends will definitely want in their bowl. Creating a range for both felines and canines, here’s why we think that the next food you pick up for your pet should be Eden Holistic.

Their Beautiful Beginnings

Established in the beautiful British countryside of Staffordshire, this family-owned company are run by husband and wife team, Paul and Carol Conquest. After conversing with their local vet, who was an advocate of feeding animals what they would have historically eaten in the wild, Paul and Carol embarked on a mission to produce a top quality food for their own dogs (and cats) that aligned to this philosophy. With several years of hard work under their belt, Eden was born.

Passionate about quality from the very beginning, Eden’s focus has always been about the contents of their food. Made in Great Britain with British ingredients including quality, freshly prepared meats and a range of fruit, vegetables and botanicals; Eden is formulated without any cereal grains or rice, as these are not a natural part of your pet’s ancestral diet.

From their finely selected ingredients, to their natural production methods, Eden's pet food is one of the finest on the market, and promises to be just as delicious as the packaging promises it to be.

Products of Pawfection

Packed to the brim with the best of British ingredients, Eden’s selection of dog and cat food contains only the finest British produce that is bursting with nutrition and flavour. Created with high quality proteins, that have been sourced locally and sustainably, Eden pet food is not only delightfully delicious but great on the environment too.

From food to treats, every single product in the Eden range is loaded with all the nutritional goodness our four-legged friends need to keep their tails wagging and live a long and happy life.

80/20 Dried Dog Food

Available in three delicious varieties, Eden 80/20 dog food is a high protein kibble that promises to provide all the nutrition your dog needs to keep them fit and healthy. With a ratio of 80% protein to 20% fruit and vegetables, Eden’s recipe provides your canine with all the goodness they need that matches the ancestral diet. Free from grains, gluten and white potato, this ravishing recipe is delicious beyond belief and is packed full of all the ingredients our dogs know and love.

Their three fantastic flavours are:

As the name suggests, with Eden your dog is not just getting a standard kibble packed with their favourite protein. They are getting a wholesome, all-natural, balanced cuisine that is good enough for us to divulge in. With a flavour profile good enough for a Michelin star restaurant, no quality is spared at Eden.

Eden Semi-Moist

Soft and gentle to eat with two great flavours, freshly prepared Wild Boar & Pheasant and Duck & Tripe, this fantastic range of food combines the wholesomeness of dry kibble with the texture of wet, giving your dog the best of both worlds in one blissful bowl of brilliant food.

Here’s why their Semi-Most is Full of Fabulousness:

  • Contains a range of Superfoods
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours.
  • Eden is formulated without cereals, rice, seeds or beet pulp.
  • Additional herbs, vitamins and minerals supporting the body’s natural balance.
  • Supplements including Glucosamine, Chondroitin MSM to support joint health.
  • Made in Great Britain with British ingredients.

Shop Eden Semi-Moist Wild Board & Pheasant Here / Shop Eden Semi-Moist Duck & Tripe Here

Tremendous Treats

There is nothing better than complimenting your pet’s diet with a range of terrific treats that tantalise their taste buds. Providing the same nutritional and wholesome benefits as their food, Eden treats are a fantastic way of giving your dog a blissful bite of what Eden pet food has to offer. Designed for both cats and dogs, their 70% air-dried protein treats are delicious beyond belief.

White Fish and Game Treat

Available in a range of five fantastic flavours, these tremendous treats are packed with all the goodness your furry friends need to keep their bodies in tip top shape. Made in small strips for easy digestion, they are packed with both minerals and vitamins to help support their body’s natural functions including dental and digestive health.

Their fantastic flavours include:

Sourced from the best of what British farming has to offer, delve into the wondrous world of Eden and take your dog’s palette to place that is delightfully delicious.

Shop The Whole Eden Range Here

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