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It's All Natural

It's All Natural

So you've probably heard the term – ‘natural’ thrown around a lot when it comes to the pet market, it' even in the name of our shop!

But what does it actually mean?

Well, here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we don’t like to bog you down with mountains of statistics, mottos and false information – we like to keep it simple and tell you exactly what makes every product in our store so incredibly natural.

From our food to our supplements, every single product within our store has come from Mother Nature. Each and every single one of our brands of food are made with the finest ingredients, farmed right here on British soil and even our grooming products, collars and other accessories are created with pet welfare in mind.

When it comes to pawfect products, the Natural Cornish Pet Shop is the place to go!

Zero Grain Food

When it comes to primary ingredients, grains are often the key substances in many pet food brands on supermarket shelves. From white potatoes to rice, grains are used to provide the ‘filling power’ in many dog foods, but can actually be the source of canine itching later on in life. As many of us know, despite our adoration for White Potatoes, rice and other sources of grain, they can wreak havoc upon our health, and too much of these wonderfully tasting foods can actually lead to digestive & skin issues in our furry friends.

Companies now are becoming Grain-Free, meaning our four-legged friends’ food is packed with wholesome nutritional goodness that leaves their skin itch-free and their bellies full each and every day. Many of our leading brands (including ourselves) replace the grains with proteins and vegetables rich in Omega 3 and 6, providing our pooches with a wholesome, all-natural and 100% healthy diet to keep their skin and coat looking and feeling amazing.

Browse our Grain Free Dog Food Here!

Free from Nastiness

When it comes to our pets’ food, ensuring it contains exactly what it says on the tin (or packet) is what we look for when purchasing any doggy dinner. So after scrawling through paragraphs of small print to find our pets food is laced with artificial this and artificial that, it makes us want to throw it all the bin. But when it comes to natural, wholesome food, there is nothing artificial about what we sell in our store. From our proteins to preservatives, every single ingredient in our pets’ food is exactly what it should be – real and wholesome.

With none of our treats or food containing anything artificial, such as flavourings, colours or preservatives, you are guaranteed to get exactly what you expect when you purchase your pet’s food at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

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Incredible Ingredients

When it comes to feeding our pets, we want to ensure they receive all the nutrition they can get from every bowl of delicious food. However, with some leading brands of food and treats, meat-based products can often be substituted with meat derivatives, meaning that juicy bag of beefy dog food might only contain flavourings from artificial substances designed to taste like your dog’s favourite protein.

At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, you never need to read the small print. Each and every single brand of our pet food contains exactly what it says on the tin. From chicken to beef, lamb to salmon, our brands work hard to ensure that each and every morsel of meaty goodness is packed into their wet and dry foods, and contains the real protein exactly as labelled on the packet.

With us, all our proteins are ethically and sustainably sourced. Poultry, meat and game are all sustainably and ethically sourced, and our fish is caught from British waters, so we know exactly where your pet’s food has come from. From farm to fork, our range of food and treats is preserved using natural methods, and every ounce of kibble has had the same tender loving care from manufacturing to packaging, meaning your pet gets the best possible food they can get their paws on.

Natural and Nourishing

When it comes to grooming, our brands are dedicated to providing products that contain nothing more than vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies than have been around for centuries. With many of our top grooming products featuring Mother Nature’s own ingredients, it would be impossible to find a product it in our store your pets won’t adore.

Featuring zero harsh chemicals, each of our grooming products have been created by the best brains in animal welfare. Developed to provide your pets with all the nourishments and invigorating treatments possible from our dental treatment to flea fighting ointments, only the best ingredients are used here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

Browse our Grooming Range here!

With years and years of pet care under our belts, our brands and in-house team are dedicated to providing pets with all the nutrition and healthcare they need to live and long and happy life. Firm believers in only natural is best, when it comes to our products, it’s like Mother Nature picked them from her own back garden; don’t believe us? Try them for yourself!

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