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Keep Ticks at Bay: Tick Prevention Week

Keep Ticks at Bay: Tick Prevention Week

For our dogs, irritating itches really can put a downer on their days and leave their skin feeling sore and red raw. As the weather warms and the spirit of Spring is well-underway, our dogs are prone to some nasty blighters that can wreak havoc on their soft skin. 

As we focus on these problems during Tick Prevention Week, here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we have a range of wonderful ways you can keep these pesky parasites at bay and ensure your dog’s skin and coat is looking and feeling wonderful. From scrumptious shampoos to super supplements, we have everything you need to prevent those terrible ticks this Spring. 

What are Ticks?

We aren’t talking about those amazing things you get when you get something we are talking about the cruel critter that can cause pain and suffering to your dog’s skin. Ticks are flea-like creatures that feed on animals in order to survive. Commonplace in the UK, these irritating insects live in woods and long grass so Spring and Summer are the times when ticks are rife. 

Despite most tick bites being harmless, sometimes it may carry Lymes Disease which can potentially leave you and your pet with a nasty illness needing serious medical attention. Unlike fleas, ticks cannot jump or run and are transported simply by passing onto your dog’s skin or fur. Once spotted they are easily removed preventing further problems to your dog’s skin or body. 

Adorable scruffy dog in long grass

How to Remove Ticks

Ticks are easily spotted on your dog’s body as they are often found on your dog’s neck or back. However, they can be problematic for darker furred dogs as like human lice they are black in colour (but much larger in size). It is important if you spot a tick on your dog’s fur to not hastily pull it from the skin. Removing a tick with force can cause the tick’s body to squash, releasing blood into your dog’s skin, increasing the risk of infection. If you notice a tick, simply twist to remove it if you notice it’s head buried in the skin or invest in tick removal tools. 

Our Tick Prevention Products

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we hate ticks just as much as you do. However from sprays to tinctures, we have everything you need to keep those ticks at bay and ensure your dog’s skin stays parasite free all year round. 

Tropiclean Flea And Tick Shampoo

This scrumptious shampoo is made with an abundance of natural ingredients to ensure fleas and ticks are kept at bay for up to 7 days. Made with cedarwood, lemongrass and cloves, this aromatic shampoo will not only prevent ticks from climbing on your dog’s fur but will leave them smelling scrumptious all day long. 

Safe for dogs from 12 weeks old, this scrumptious shampoo can be used as part of your dog’s grooming routine and used in conjunction with other Tropiclean sprays and conditioners to ensure all-round protection from those pesky parasites when out and about. 

Tropiclean flea and tick shampoo bottle
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Wildwash Flea And Bug Repellent

This effective and soothing bug repellent is fantastic at fighting away both fleas and ticks. Combining a range of incredible all-natural ingredients to help combat critters and soothe the skin, this is one spray your pooch will want to smell of time and time again.

Featuring lavender and peppermint, those ticks won’t know what’s hit them with Wildwash’s revolutionary blend of beautiful botanicals created to keep bugs at bay and care for their coats in just a few small spritzes. 

Spray bottle of Wildwash Flea and bug repellent for dogs and horses
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CSJ Billy No Mates

Hugely popular for over 10 years, CSJ’s tincture and powder is one parasite prevention your pooch won’t want to live without. Designed to be sprinkled or drizzled onto your pet’s food, this aromatic array of natural ingredients including seaweed, mint and lemon balm will leave those critters dashing away from your pet and hiding firmly in the grass. 

Recommended to allow for up to 6 weeks to become effective, we recommend using this product at the start of spring to prepare and protect your dog’s body against those nasty nuisances lurking in the woodlands. 

Packet of Billy No Mates Flea and Tick Repellent powder
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So with the weather warming and tick prevention week fully underway, getting your paws on a few of our parasite protectors will ensure when your dog goes down into the wood, they surely won’t get a big surprise.

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