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Keeping Safe on Winter Walks

Keeping Safe on Winter Walks

Despite our apprehension to venture out into the dark and cold, maintaining your dog’s exercise routine is vital for their health and wellbeing. 

However, as the nights grow darker and colder, keeping ourselves and our pets safe on a winter walk has never been more important. With wild weather becoming ever more prevalent over the past few weeks, this winter is setting out to be a frosty one so we have everything you need to keep your pets warm and safe when out and about this winter. 

Choose a Coat

You wouldn’t venture out into the cold and rain so why should your dog. With the ability to pick up colds and flu just as easy as we can, keeping your pooch sheltered from the rain and cold is vital for their health. Our range of high-quality and made to measure coats are the ideal way of keeping your four-legged friend safe this winter. 

Aiming to protect your dog's most important muscle groups- the chest and the sensitive abdomen area, their jackets are quick to put on and take off and well suited for warming up the muscles of active dogs before or after training.

Hurtta Coats
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Vital Visibility

There is nothing more important on darker walkies than staying visible to others on the road. Vital for our safety and the safety of other road users, here are our pawfect products for keeping you and your furry friend safe when walking this winter.

Hurrta Neon Lemon Harness

Flexible and free from chaffing, a Hurrta harness provides all the support and comfort your dog needs for any type of dog walk. Containing reflective strips and adjustable to suit any dog breed or shape, this reflective harness is everything you need to stay safe at night.  

Created with super soft polyester with a weather-proof Houndtex lamination, this harness is not only comfortable but cooling too. With a breathable mesh in the lining, it ensures our dogs avoid chafing or increasing sweating around the neck.

Hurtta Neon Lemon Harness
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Hurrta Neon Lemon Collar

Hurrta’s Neon Lemon collar is perfect for those who prefer to attach their dog’s lead to the collar. Made with highly durable and thick nylon, the wide padding makes the collar comfortable with the shape distributing pressure, caused by pulling, on a wider area around the dog’s neck resulting in a collar that is both soft and safe.

Highly reflective and breathable, this collar is ideal for those late night walks keeping your pooch visible, cool and chafe free whilst out on those amazing adventures.

Hurtta Neon Lemon Collar

Shop Hurtta Neon Lemon Collar>

Orbiloc Light

The Orbiloc Dog Dual is a Safety Light that ensures the Safety of you and your dog when you are out in the dark. The Orbiloc Dog Dual is a lightweight Safety Light for dogs in all sizes. It has two different functions - flashing and steady-on light. Attaching onto your dog’s collar or harness, this handy light will keep you visible when the skies decide to open and the visibility becomes poor when you’re out and about.

Completely waterproof, this light will withstand whatever wind and rain is thrown at it making it a perfect gadget to keep you and your dog safe on those wet weather walkies.

Orbiloc Light
Shop Orbiloc Safety Light>

Play Safe

We all know how much our dogs love to play. As a massive part of their daily exercise and fitness, playing with their favourite toys is a fundamental part of our dog’s day. However, as the nights grow darker, taking our dogs out to play can seem impossible as the lights fade fast as soon as we return home from work.

For dogs who love a good old game of fetch, the fun doesn’t have to stop just because the lights have gone out. Avoid your dog losing their favourite toy or injuring themselves by playing in the dark with a glow in the dark or light up toy. Keeping playtime going no matter what the weather, investing in a glowing toy will keep their tails wagging all day and night long.

Chuckit! Glow in the Dark Ball

Everything your pooch needs to keep playing even when the lights go out. These brilliant balls are made with a safe, high quality photo luminescent material that is both chemically and biologically inert. If you’re out and about in the dark, they can be recharged in seconds with a bright flashlight or even the torch from your phone. No batteries required making them glow, leave in the light for 5 minutes to get around 30 minutes of bright play time fun. 

Chuckit Glow in the dark ball
Shop Chuckit! Glow in the Dark Ball>

Grab a coat, a light and something glowing in the dark and know that you and your pooch are safe no matter what the weather or visibility this winter. 

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