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Lily's Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen

From dental sticks to delicious dinners, Lily’s Kitchen has been wowing the natural pet food market since its arrival.

Dedicated to creating and producing pet products that are all-natural and wholesome, Lily’s Kitchen has become a household name amongst beloved pet owners.

Filling shelves in supermarkets, pet stores and independent pet retailers across the UK, it would be impossible to find a pet store that didn’t stock at least one of Lily’s Kitchen’s amazing goods.

With an array of perfect products on offer, here’s why we adore Lilly’s Kitchen, and why your four-legged friend will too!

Inside the Kitchen

Stemmed from love and adoration for all things animal, Lily’s Kitchen was born from a need to discover the truth behind big brand dog food. After caring for her sick terrier ‘Lily’ (the dog the brand is named after), Henrietta decided to create her own brand of food that was nothing but organic and natural.

Since then the team at Lily’s Kitchen is dedicated to creating food and treats that are exactly what they say on the label; 100% natural with no added nastiness. When it comes to wholesome pet food, Lily’s Kitchen knows their stuff!

The Dental Stick with a Difference

So if there’s one champion of chews we need to bark about – It’s the WOOFBRUSH! Created by the brilliant brains from Lily’s Kitchen, this best-selling dental chew has wowed the market since its release, and remains one of the greatest dental chews sold today. Full to the brim with organic, natural and wholesome ingredients, the Woofbrush is everything your dog needs to keep their pearly whites looking and feeling pawfect!

Its clever spongey texture gets right down to the gumline of your dog’s mouth to wipe away plaque and keep your dog’s mouth feeling fresh all day long. The bubbly, air-rated texture gives the chew ultimate flexibility, meaning it flexes perfectly around your dog’s teeth to clean them at all angles.

Given to the dogs that work within Lily’s headquarters, the team at LK know that Woofbrushes are a 100% treat and not a chore.

Shop Woofbrushes Here!

Delicious Dinners

Lily’s Kitchen wet food for dogs is full of proper meat and vibrant vegetables that have been gently steam-cooked to pawfectly preserve all the goodness inside.

With beautiful, artistic packaging combined with recipes that sound good enough for even us humans to eat; every tin of LK wet food is a plethora of the finest meat, vegetables and botanicals available, resulting in a complete meal that your four-legged friend will enjoy time and time again!

Using only the highest quality meat, poultry, fish and game, each and every single one of their recipes if perfect beyond measure.

Packed with rich and flavourful ingredients, it really is no wonder why our pets find this array of amazing food so delicious!

From Cottage Pie to Wild Campire Stew, LK’s range of delicious dinners will 100% guarantee a full pooch and one with a waggy tail!

Shop The Range Here!

Tasty Treats

Slowly oven cooked and free from grains and cereals, Lily’s Kitchen’s range of baked treats are an ideal reward for your pooch no matter what age or size. With the most natural of ingredients used in each of their varieties of grain-free baked treats, if there is any kitchen your treats want to come from – it’s Lily’s.

Rise & Shine Baked Treats

These delicious, flower shaped, complementary treats are slowly oven-cooked until golden and crunchy, and are a fabulous way for your pooch to start their morning.

Packed with yummy, naturally nutritious ingredients, these rewarding biscuits are the perfect way to keep your canine companion in tip-top condition.

Shop Rise & Shine Baked Treats Here!

Bedtime Bakes

These artisanal biscuits are made with delicious organic ingredients, including organic oats and organic rye flour. The organic chamomile and passionflowers are botanicals associated with helping to get a good night’s sleep. Mixed with organic probiotic yoghurt, which is a lovely soothing ingredient that aids digestion, their bedtime baked biscuits are naturally nutritious and made to a recipe with no nasties whatsoever!

Shop Bedtime Bakes Here!

Training Treats

Cheese and Apple Training Treats are bite-sized natural biscuits made with fresh organic apples and mature organic farmhouse cheddar. They are low in fat, high in taste and full of healthy ingredients.

These yummy, organic mini-biscuit treats make the perfect reward for your best friends best behaviour!

Shop Lily's Kitchen Training Treats Here!

From tasty treats to wowtastic woofbrushes, no matter what your pet needs, Lily’s Kitchen definitely has something your pooch will adore. If there is one kitchen, your dog won’t stay away from, it is 100% going to be Lily’s.

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