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Love for Lamb

Love for Lamb

With the start of Spring less than a month away, there is no better protein to celebrate than the lusciousness of lamb. As one of the most chosen meats during the spring months, lamb is not just a protein humans can enjoy but it’s fantastic for your dogs too. 

Packed full of wholesome benefits and tasty beyond belief, choosing lamb for your four-legged friend can be a choice this spring your canine companion will adore. Knowing how much our dogs love this moreish meat, we have a range of lamb based treats your dogs will love this spring. 

Lamb chops on a butchers block

Brilliant Benefits

Since the dawn of time, our dogs have loved nothing more in their diets than mouthfuls of meat. Deriving from their ancestral need for all things protein, meat has been a staple ingredient in pet food for centuries. As the majority of big brands pack their dog food with top proteins such as chicken and beef, research is highlighting an increase in allergies and intolerances to these proteins creating a gap in the market for pet food with a difference. 

Understanding some pet’s needs for a variety of proteins, some companies are changing the staple meats in wet foods and dry kibble to support diets of those who may have intolerances to chicken and beef. As a lean meat and packed full of vital vitamins for growth and development, here’s why lamb should be the next protein on your pooches plate . 

Pawfuls of Protein

Like other red meats, lamb packs a protein punch with our dogs. Essential for muscle management and healthy bodily function, meats containing high protein levels are fantastic for dogs who are particularly active or classed as working dogs. 

Proteins found in meat are so fantastic due to levels of amino acids that occur naturally within them. These amino acids are types of fats that support the energy levels within our dogs bodies keeping them fit and healthy all day long. Despite being called fats, these are not to be confused with saturated fats, which are responsible for weight gain and heart problems. Healthy fats can actively contribute to better skin and fur, muscle growth and maintenance and even improved eye and brain health. 

bowl of dog food alongside a bowl of raw meat

Kind on Tummies

Not all proteins are made equally with each one having different effects on your dog’s digestion. Red meat offers more soluble vitamins and minerals such as Zinc and Vitamin B that are helpful in the support of healthy skin, fur and eyes, meaning it’s a pawfect protein to keep your pet’s skin looking and feeling as great as ever. 

In addition, lamb is a great source of protein for pets who suffer from allergies to meats like chicken and fish. In its leanest form, lamb is one of the healthiest proteins for your pets and is easily digested due to its lower fat content than other red meats such as beef. If your pet suffers from gas, bloating and inconsistent poops, then making the switch to lamb may benefit their bodies in more ways than one. 

Our Lamb Luxuries

Here at Natural Cornish Pet, we understand the importance of giving our pets a varied and delicious diet so in addition to our popular chicken and beef treats and food, we have a range of luscious lamb offerings to keep your dog’s tail wagging all day long. 

Canagan Lamb

Featuring high levels of the best British grass-fed lamb, Canagan luxury lamb recipe is a perfect grain-free alternative to other kibbles on the market. With a mixture of the finest protein, vegetables and botanicals available, Cangan’s range of dry kibble are a bowlful of delicious dinner that your dog’s will enjoy time and time again. 

Created for dogs at every life stage, no matter if you have a pup for golden oldie, their luscious lamb recipe is packed with prebiotics and wholesome nutrition to keep their bodies in tip top shape after each and every bowl. 

Bag of Canagan Dry Dog Food  Grass Fed Lamb variety
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Forthglade Lamb Treats

Completely grain-free and featuring the best ingredients our British soil has to offer, Forthglade Soft Bakes pack all the same meaty and botanical goodness as their regular treats but in a scrumptiously softer and chewable exterior meaning they are kind to teeth and tummies.

Containing a mixture of British lamb, sweet potato and peas, these hand baked treats are the ideal snack for on-the-go to keep your playful pup in check when out and about on amazing adventures. 

Forthglade Lamb Soft Bites For dogs
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Eden Treats

Catered for both your canine and feline friends, Eden’s tasty treats are fantastic for meat loving pets out there. These high-meat content treats are naturally air-dried and combined with a prebiotic mixture of vegetables like sweet potato that create a treat that your dogs and cats won’t wait to get their paws on. 

What makes these luscious lamb and game treats so beneficial is their superb support to your pet’s oral health. Made using parsley and other magical minerals, these succulent strips will help reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar keeping your pets teeth looking and feeling as clean as ever before. 

Packet of Eden Lamb and Game Treat for dogs
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So if you spot lamb on the label, put a spring in your dog’s step this month and give them a taste of what British farming has to offer and make a change that will benefit their bodies this spring.

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