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Marvellous Meat Treats

Marvellous Meat Treats

It would be impossible to find a dog out there that doesn’t love to chomp on something meaty. As a staple ingredient in their regular diets, our dogs love their proteins more than anything. Dogs really have loved meat since the dawn of time. 

Understanding our canines’ adoration for meaty goodness has been a driving force in the creation of some of the country's most well-known tasty chews and treats. However, with many high street brands using meat derivatives in their chews and treats, natural and wholesome alternatives are storming the pet food market and our shelves. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand just how much our dogs love to chew on something meaty. From chicken to beef, lamb to game, each and every single one of meaty chews are natural and nutritionally beneficial beyond belief. With chews in their most natural form, we love our selection and here’s why your dogs will too. 

Air-Dried Treats

The process of air-drying food produces extremely nutrient-dense products with scoop-and-serve convenience. It is a process that is free of artificial preservatives and leaves nutrients and enzymes intact. Air-drying gently evaporates moisture from the raw ingredients, eliminating harmful pathogens while preserving vital nutrients, ensuring all the right vitamins and minerals are locked into your dog’s tasty treats. 

Tasty Tendons

One of our amazing air-dried specials are, our very own, meaty tendons that are the perfect snack for your pooch. They are tough textured, amazingly delicious and will keep dogs busy and happy for a long time. Naturally high in protein and low in fat, our tendon chews contain no additives, chemicals, or preservatives. They are a great snack for dogs of all ages and sizes, especially dogs who enjoy chewing and require longer-lasting chew treats. These delicious snacks are available in beef and venison varieties

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Kangaroo Meat Strips

These tasty strips are suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes but are specially suited for pooches with intolerances to regular meats such as chicken and beef. These amazing kangaroo strips are a healthy and nutritional option packed with B vitamins which can support healthy body functions. 

What makes these kangaroo strips even better is that they are grain-free and 100% hypoallergenic making them an ideal treat to support dogs who may suffer from itchy or irritated skin or tummies. Soft and succulent, these strips can be broken into bite size pieces, making them perfect for training or to be taken on the go. 

Kangaroo Meat Strips x 5 BY NATURAL CORNISH PET
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Chicken Stick with Colostrum

As one of our pet’s favourite proteins, we couldn’t create a range of dried meat treats without paying homage to this plucky protein. These firm but malleable meaty sticks are a fantastic and tasty training treat and can be given to dogs of all sizes and breeds. 

What makes these sticks so scrumptious is the colostrum made with the original chicken pieces. Colostrum is the milk produced in the mammary glands of the chicken immediately after their first birth. The milk provides the chicks with all the vital food they need to survive and thrive in their first days of life. This nutritionally rich milk is handily packed with all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to help give their immune system a vital boost. 

Chicken Stick with Colostrum BY NATURAL CORNISH PET
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Beef Jerky

Known as a popular snack across the Atlantic, this US favoured treat is not only a delight for humans but pawfect for our pets too. Featuring air dried strips of blissful beef, these tasty chews are everything your dog needs when they are craving a mouthful of meatiness. 

Our Natural Cornish Pet Shop Beef Jerky Chews are 100% grain free created using only the most natural and wholesome beef gullet. Air dried to lock in all that amazing goodness, our beef jerky chews contain nothing more than the beef they are derived from...just delicious. 

Low in fat and easy digestible, every bite of these tasty chews are packed with all the vitamins and minerals your pooch needs to keep their tails wagging all day long. 

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What’s great about our range of tasty treats is that they also come with zero waste packaging. Either bring your own treat jar or grab one of our recyclable paper bags and fill to your heart's content. From classic chicken to blissful beef, our range of meaty chews will give your dog all the protein pawfection they need.

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