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Masters of Mindfulness

Masters of Mindfulness

We could all admit that this year has been a tough one. From isolation to working from home, nothing about 2020 has been worth singing about. But throughout the chaos and catastrophe there has been one glimmer of hope that has kept our spirits alive in even the darkest of times – our pets. 

Providing us with an endless supply of love and support during one of the worst times the world has seen in recent years, our pets have been our masters of mindfulness and kept us smiling throughout it all. So as we think about how we have remained positive, we believe that our dogs are pawfectly trained in forcing us to be better no matter what circumstance lie ahead. 

Happy & Healthy

As many of us know, exercise is an effective tool in boosting the way our mind works. With physical exercise great in improving mood, self-esteem and goal-setting, taking a daily walk, run or even hitting the gym can have a massive impact on improving our mental health. 

For all you dog lovers out there, we know how important it is to exercise our four-legged friends too. Whether it is playtime in the house, garden or outdoors, giving our pets the exercise they need is significant in keeping their bodies fighting fit. Those with active dogs such as collies, spaniels and Labradors, are more than familiar with how significant exercise is for our pets. But with all breeds needing some sort of daily activity, taking your pet for a day walk is not just fun but highly essential. 

Spending time with your pet outdoors can really be the boost in mood you need. In addition to improving your cardiovascular health, taking a lengthy walk with your four-legged friend can actually solidify the bond between the two of you.

Dog Walk

Calming Cuddles

We all love a good cuddle with our pets. Whether you have snuggly Springer or a fluffy Pomeranian, having a hug with your pets can really boost your mood. After a hard day’s work or even for comfort during stressful or upsetting times, we have all reached for our pets to keep us feeling safe and secure. 

According to science, cuddling stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine, the transmitters responsible for keeping depression at bay, making us feel happier. The act of holding and stroking your pet is a massively effective way to combat stress and anxiety as it creates a calming effect and can help you focus on the present moment. 

Cuddling your pet can also boost their mental health in addition to your own. Our pets often rely on cuddles to express thoughts, feelings and emotions and use a cuddle to communicate their own anxieties which are eradicated with a hug from their owner. With positive effects for yourself and your pet, a cuddle a day can really make the difference to both yours and your pet’s mental health.

Increased Socialisation

With the world as cut-off as ever from those around us, socialising has never been more important to our mental health. Not only can owning a dog open up your social pool but can be a great way of meeting new friends or even future partners. 

From dog walks to puppy classes, owning a dog is a superb way of meeting people and engaging in conversation about how playful our pets really can be. What makes our dogs so incredible is their ability to attract almost anyone to their attention. When out on walks, owning a dog is a great way of interacting with others making them an ideal pet for those living alone or away from family. 

Throughout the country, you can find groups on social media dedicated to owning certain breeds of dogs allowing you to chat to like-minded people and find handy hints and tips on training and socialising your pooch. Ultimately, our dogs are a great way to meet people and boost our confidence both inside and outside our homes. 

With a whole heap of benefits to both our mental and physical health, we really can be grateful for just how incredible our four-legged friends really are and how we simply could not live without them. So this New Year’s make a resolution to spend more time with your furry best friend.

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