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More on The Menu

More on The Menu

With the motto ‘Real in Every Way’ – Natures Menu was created with the passion to provide high quality pet food, that is both vet and pooch approved in each and every way.

They create and manufacture their real pet food at state-of-the-art facility in their home town of Norfolk. Carefully and cautiously monitoring each and every product to ensure every item leaving their factory is nothing less than perfect – meaning from production to plate – Natures Menu has put their heart and soul into making sure your pooch is pleased beyond perfection.

So with a ravishing range of fabulously fantastic food already on offer at Nature’s Menu, they have decided to create a whole new range that is targeted at working dogs to provide them with all the nutrition they need after a long day’s work!

What is a 'Working' Dog?

We have all heard of the phrase ‘Working Dog’ and food designed specifically for this selection of four-legged friends, but what makes a dog a working one and why is it important to feed them in a certain way?

A Working Dog denotes any dog that is bred and raised to complete a specific role or task to help others, with typical working breeds including Spaniels and Collies. Here in Cornwall, Working Dogs often are reared on farms to help heard sheep or cattle, but can also be used for a range of other activities. Unlike our cuddly pets at home, these dogs are bred to work hard and be active for the majority of the day thus their food needs to support their active lifestyle by providing cardiovascular and joint maintenance to keep their bodies fighting fit.

However, not all working dogs are running around penning sheep. Working Dog status can also apply to Service Dogs such as Therapy Dogs and Assistance Dogs whose lifestyle is ensuring the safety and comfort of their owners and patients who need a strong and hearty diet to keep them active as possible.

From retrievers to spaniels, Working Dogs deserve the finest ingredients and optimum nutrition as ever, so with this in mind, Nature’s Menu has created a whole range dedicated to giving our Working Dogs the best dinners possible.

Nature’s Menu Working Dog

These high protein and calorie efficient complete meals are an ideal diet for any working dogs. Packed to the brim with the finest quality meat and poultry, Nature’s Menu Working Dog Food is expertly crafted with a Working Dog’s diets in mind.

Its perfect ratio of protein to vegetables ensures your hard-working pooch gets all the nutrition and minerals they need to keep their bodies fit and healthy, no matter what job they have to do. This specifically sourced complete dog food has been designed to optimise the benefits of raw food on our canines. Gentle on digestion and completely nastiness free, you will only find quality ingredients in each and every pack of Nature’s Menu Food!

Each recipe contains a whopping 85% protein base such as Chicken, Beef or Tripe, and is combined with those vital root veggies like carrot and butternut squash to create the filling power without the need for nasty grains.

A pawfect way to indulge after those long days of work, Nature’s Menu Working Dog Food has everything your pooch needs to keep their tails wagging and paws working all day long!

Available in 3 delicious flavours -

Why Raw?

Deriving from their ancestral diet, our canine companions have adapted with carnivorous needs. With dry kibble often providing a smaller amount of meat per bite, raw food ensures our furry friends are getting the meatiest of mouthfuls in every single morsel. As massive advocates of all things raw – here are some of the fantastic benefits raw dog food can have for your four-legged friend:

  • Beneficial for Digestion - Raw food can be easier for dogs to digest. Free from added sugar, bulkers or derivatives found in some dry pet foods, raw food ensures that each bite is safe for our dogs’ tummies.
  • Pawfect Poos – Yes we said it! Better poo! We all hate the moment our dog does the deed and the mess is impossible to pick up and smells awful. Containing only all-natural ingredients, raw food can ensure our dog’s poos are less smelly, firmer and much, much easier to pick up.
  • Shinier Coats and Healthier Skin – Raw food provides a two-pronged attack to our dog’s appearance. Packed with the right amount of fruits, vegetables and proteins (and even superfoods), raw food results in a glossy coat and can improve a variety of skin itchiness caused by high grain foods.
  • Stronger Teeth – Nature’s Menu’s range is great natural way to add to your pet’s routine dental care. A tasty, healthy choice to help clean teeth, provide entertainment and freshen breath.

So with more on the menu with Nature’s Menu, try their Working Dog food today and see your hard-working pooch be more active during their 9-5.

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