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National Animal Welfare Trust – Hayle

National Animal Welfare Trust – Hayle

When it comes to canine charities, there is no one more caring, supportive and brilliant than the team at The National Animal Welfare Trust.

National Animal Welfare Trust - Pattons

Dedicated to ensuring animals live long and happy lives, they are driven to guarantee that each and every animal that enters their doors is cared for and looked after in the best possible way.

Here in Cornwall, our Animal Welfare Trust centre is located in the heart of West Cornwall, in Hayle. Just a stone’s throw away from the Natural Cornish Pet Shop and Doggy Day Care Cornwall, this centre strives to rescue and rehome animals from across the county. With an excellent team on hand each and every day, the National Animal Welfare Trust is a place where dogs and cats alike can feel as loved and adored as they should be, until they find their happily ever after.

Their Wonderful Work

The National Animal Welfare Trust is one of the UK’s top animal welfare charities, operating five rehoming centres across the south of England. Whether you already own a pet or are looking for a new companion, this charity is there to help.

Founded in 1971 as an independent charity, The NAWT has grown and grown in strength. Originally created to prevent dogs and puppies being purchased at markets for use in laboratories, the trust has worked tirelessly to ensure that animals across the South of England are loved and adored.

Their centre in Hayle came about as a result of the inspiring work of Molly Wyatt. Molly worked hard over many years to provide a rescue and rehoming service in Cornwall, and shortly before her death in 1996 she asked if NAWT would be willing to carry on her work. They agreed to and in 1997, NAWT Hayle was born, and has been growing ever since.

The charity now cares for and rehomes around 1200 animals a year, and is active in all the local communities in which it serves. Its most recent development has been the opening of more charity shops over the past 18 months. NAWT now has shops in Watford, Falmouth, Hayle and Clacton to help further promote their hard work and raise funds to support more and more animals across the country.

How they help to Re-home

Kitten at a NAWT rehoming Centre

At the NAWT, re-homing rescue animals is a massive part of their work. Re-homing thousands of animals each year, they work tirelessly to ensure that each and every animal they take in goes to the best and most loving home possible.

Their re-homing process is far from complicated, but requires plenty of time and dedication by the team to ensure that the animal goes to the right home. There is nothing more satisfying that taking home a rescue animal, and with NAWT, in just five simple steps, their rescue animals can find a lovingly home and family before they know it.

Five steps in the rehoming process

    1. Visit your local rescue centre. Their centres are open most days of the week.
    2. Tell them about your home and lifestyle. Do you work or is there always someone at home? Live in a city flat or in the country? No matter what your circumstance, they will help you make sure your chosen pet is the right one for you.
    3. Make regular visits to the rehoming centres. This is the time to start a bond with your pet and make sure it is the right decision for you and your family. If it’s needed, then that’s the time they’ll advise on training tips or special care some pets may need too.
    4. Home visit. Allow them to visit you at home to discuss more about life with a rescue pet and to help you prepare for the new arrival.
    5. Take your new pet home. After you sign a contract, make a payment and complete the paperwork, you can take your new pet home with all the appropriate ownership documents. Each animal rehomed by NAWT comes with 4 weeks’ free Petplan insurance.

How you can help

With a multitude of ways to help support the NAWT, every little helps to support this amazing charity organisation. Donations are a massive part of the funding NAWT receives, and even the smallest amount can make a life-changing difference to the animals they care for. You can make a one-off gift or monthly donation by phone, post or online.

From assisting in shops to caring for animals in centres, there are hundreds of volunteer positions available across all of NAWT sites. Even if you can only spare an hour of your time a week, you will be making a massive difference to all the hard work at NAWT.

Located just moments away from the A30, The NAWT, Hayle is a hard-working, thriving and loving centre that puts animal welfare right at the heart of its ethos.

Dedicated to ensuring that every animal through its door lives a long and happy life, do what you can today to support this amazing and inspiring charity.

Visit the National Animal Trust Website Here to Learn more

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