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National Biscuit Day

National Biscuit Day

From a chocolate digestive to the classic custard cream, we are most definitely a nation of biscuit eaters. From being the staple snack in world wars to being the ideal accompaniment to the British cuppa, we really couldn’t live without a biscuit. With supermarket shelves showcasing a plethora of fabulous flavours and vibrant varieties of biscuits, this 29th of May is dedicated to celebrating just how important the biscuit is and just how delicious they can be. 

Here at National Cornish Pet Shop, both the humans and furry friends that wander through our doors know how delicious these scrumptious treats are and really couldn’t imagine a snack that compares to its crunchy, crumbly and taste bud tantalizing texture. So, whist celebrating this fun filled day, we have presented a range of blissful biscuits that your four-legged friend won’t wait to get their paws on this May. 

Dog with bowl full of biscuits

Biscuit for your Best Friend

For our dogs, biscuits mean so much more than just a tasty treat to enjoy with a cup of tea. Packed with vital vitamins and minerals the right biscuit can provide your pooch with a much needed nutritional boost as well as give them a super supplement of wholesome goodness they may be lacking. 

As more and more businesses become conscious of the ingredients in our pets' food and treats, all-natural and healthy dog biscuits are created to support the wellbeing of our pets that may suffer from poochie problems such as irritated skin, anxiety and even smelly breath. Got a golden oldie who needs a little extra support? Well, a pack of pawsome biscuits can be the remedy for joint and muscle issues such as arthritis, as some in our range of tasty treats are packed with pawfuls of glucosamine to help keep bones and joints as healthy as ever before.

Using all-natural ingredients from botanicals to fantastic fruits, beautiful biscuits and crunchy cookies can ensure your dog is getting all the nutrition they need to keep their tails wagging all day long. 

Dog with biscuit on his nose

Our Blissful Biscuits

From Keep Calm Cookies to Bedtime Biscuits, here at Natural Cornish Pet shop, you will find an array of biscuits like no other. Made with 100% natural ingredients and completely grain and nastiness free, your dog won’t want to wait to get their paws on our truly tempting selection of scrumptious snacks. 

Lily’s Kitchen Baked Biscuits

Made for every element of your dog’s daily routine, Lily’s kitchen baked biscuits are delicious beyond belief. Created to be part of your dog’s morning wake up call and their bedtime calm down, the Rise & Shine and Bedtime Biscuit combo is everything your pooch needs to have a glorious day from start to finish. Using the finest ingredients such as Beef Liver and a mixture of beautiful botanicals like lavender, rosehip and camomile, these biscuits are baked with love in every crumb meaning your dog gets the goodness they require in each and every bite. 

Lilys Kitchen treats range, 5 various packets
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Hownd Wellness Cookies

For a biscuit with a difference, there is no cookie quite like a Hownd one. Baked using 100% natural hemp to support your dog’s health and wellbeing, Hownd’s superb selection of scrumptious snacks are designed to support your dog - no matter what breed, problem and even lifestage. 

Grain-free and suited for allergy prone pooches out there, these completely natural and wholesome treats are ideal for dogs who need a treat to give their bodies a daily boost. Produced in our nearby county of Devon, these blissfully brilliant biscuits are suited from all types of ailments and can help keep your dog as happy and wholesome as ever. 

Choose from this great range: 

  • Keep Calm - Help to reduce and calm anxiety 
  • Golden Oldie - Packed with glucosamine to support bones and joints in older dogs
  • Puppy - Daily boost for your new furry friend
  • Got an Itch - Loaded with Skin soothing remedies to prevent itchy skin. 
Hownd wellness treats for dogs
Browse Our Brilliant Hound Wellness Treats Range Here>

Our Very Own Salmon Cookies

When it comes to delicious delights, there is none quite like the gloriously grain-free treats the team at Natural Cornish Pet Shop have created. Made the finest Scottish Salmon and sweet potato, these crunchy cookies are enough to get any fish-adoring dog’s tail wagging all day long. 

What’s great about these brilliant biscuits is that they are full to the brim with all those essential Omega 3 oils to keep your dog’s skin and coat looking and feeling as amazing as ever. Available in small pouches to bulk-buy bags, if your dog is already a lover of these tasty treats, invest in a larger pack today and save yourself some pennies and packaging with our amazing bulk-buy deals. 

Natural Cornish Pet Salmon cookies
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So with National Biscuit Day just around the corner, stock up on some amazing dog biscuits today and let your pooch join in the dunkin' fun just as much as we do.

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