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Natural Cleaning this Spring

Natural Cleaning this Spring

When it comes to the season of Spring, many of us associate this time with transforming our homes and houses into organised and thoroughly cleaned masterpieces. Like many of our regularly used furnishings, our dogs toy boxes require just as much TLC. Exposed to bacteria transferred time and again from your dog’s mouth and paws during their daily bouts of playtime, keeping on top of their toy box can ensure their toys are cleanly and healthy all year round. 

However, like any episode of hefty cleaning, we ponder what products will do the job best whilst leaving our goods as safe as ever. Whilst many of us choose to use harsh shop bought chemicals to clean our surfaces and furnishings, over exposure to these chemicals can be dangerous for our pets when natural solutions can be just as effective and much safer. So with just some simple solutions and the spring season well upon us, here’s some fantastic ways you can care for your pets toys the Natural Cornish Pet way. 

Selection of dog toys in grass

Always use Non-Bio

Used for its benefits in reducing problems when washing clothes and accessories of babies, non-biological washing powder has been used for years for those with sensitive and easily irritated skin. In March and April walks can become very muddy as we still have some wintery weeks. When a simple soak can’t remove those stubborn muddy stains, there really is no better way to clean your dog’s collars, coats and harnesses than in the washing machine. 

With an array of scrumptiously scented powders, liquids and pods on offer, choosing the right washing detergent for your household can be a tricky task. As our pet’s skin is as sensitive than our own, we would suggest nothing more than a Non-Biological Brand to help clean your pets clothing. Created with less harsh chemicals and designed for those with sensitive skin, washing your dog’s accessories in non-biological detergent is one of the most effective ways to keep their clothes staying clean and fresh all year round. 

Dog looking into washing machine

Create your Own Cleaner

As we begin to slowly emerge from a worldwide pandemic, our approach to cleaning has generally been tougher than ever. With the need for antibacterial products fir everything in our households, many of us have turned to creating cost-effective yet brilliant solutions to creating natural cleaning products at home. 

For centuries, white vinegar has been a go-to product for household cleaning. Absent of any colourings, this little bottle of store cupboard essential can ensure zero stains and a good level of disinfectant power. Used from everything from stain removal to cleaning cast iron pans, this simple solution really is one of the best natural products available. What makes it even better is that it is totally safe for your four-legged friends. 

For cleaning your pets rubber or silicone chews and even plush toys, mix water with white vinegar for an all-purpose cleaner that will beat both grime and germs leaving their toys looking and smelling as fresh as ever. 

Add an Aroma

When it comes to those extra smelly dogs that love to roll around in the dirt, often their toys can become a haven of germs and smells that are unpleasant even to them. As one of the most soothing and natural scents, Lavender can only make your pets' toys smell amazing but can help calm them down for a peaceful night's sleep. 

Natural lavender sprays have relaxing and soothing scents to calm even the most playful of pups. Lavender's natural and nourishing scent can help keep musky and dirty smells at bay meaning your pet’s toys and clothes smell as beautiful as ever before. In addition, lavender sprays can also be used on your dog’s skin and fur making them a pawfect perfume to finish off a glorious grooming session. With its soothing scent and all-natural ingredients, this solution is one that you will want to use time and time again.

Lavender field


Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, there is nothing we love more than the sunshine of spring. With flora and fauna everywhere you look, keeping your pet’s toys as tidy as the majestic meadows has never been easier and more natural than with our handy hints. So as we begin deciding on how to turn our year into a bright and fresh one, give your dogs toy box the clean it needs…in the most natural of ways. 

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