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Natural Cornish Pet Deli Boxes

Natural Cornish Pet Deli Boxes

As some of both ours and our pets favourite proteins pork and beef have become somewhat staples in our everyday diets. Understanding our pets love for all things farmyard, here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop we have decided to create brilliant boxes of tasty treats showcasing these proteins in their most natural and purest form. 

Naturally air-dried and containing nothing more than 100% meaty goodness, our Pig & Moo Deli Boxes are packed with the finest pig and cow based snacks that can give your furry friend a whole heap of healthy goodness. With the choice of treats for your furry friend to feast on, no matter which protein is their favourite, they can devour the deli goodness one scrumptious snack at a time. 

Dog laying in a hay bale

Why Natural Treats?

For some pet owners, seeing a dried pig’s ear or cow’s trachea might be enough to see them throw the treat out the window, but did you know these unusual looking snacks provide a whole heap of benefits for our four-legged friends? 

As natural carnivores and hunters, our dogs are designed to consume proteins in their purest form. Ancestral relatives of dogs would have hunted large animals in packs as their meat is packed with plentiful amounts of protein to keep their bodies working like clockwork. But as our dog’s have become more domesticated, treats have taken on less natural forms.

However, with more and more research emerging about the health benefits of natural food for our canine companions, many of us are resorting back to these treats and giving our dogs a taste of what mother nature has to offer. Acting as natural wormers and ideal for digestion, natural treats really can make a difference to your dog’s diet and give their tummies a boost time and time again. 

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Our Pig & Mix Box

A treat box with a difference! Our Pig & Mix box is packed with the finest pig based treats on the market. Containing nothing more than 100% scrumptious pig based snacks, this range of tasty treats contains zero artificial flavourings, preservatives or additives.

Great for choptastic chewers out there, our Pig n Mix box is a Natural Deli alternative to bulk-buying regular meat based treats. Each and every product is naturally air-dried to lock in all those fantastic flavours and nutrients to ensure your furry friend gets the boost their bodies need. Containing pork cartilage and skin which helps strengthen your dog’s teeth by working out those chewing behaviours and assisting oral hygiene by naturally cleaning the teeth, these are also one treat to keep those pearly whites, well, white! 

Unlike bones, our 100% air dried pig treats are great for digestion and suitable for all dog breeds. Each treat is pawfectly packaged and presented in a beautiful recycled box making it an ideal treat for birthdays or celebrations. Each box contains: 

  • 2 x Pig Ears
  • 1 x Pig Trotter
  • 3 x Pig Snouts
  • 2x Pork Bites
Pig and mix selection box menu
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Moo Deli Box

Just like their piggy alternative, these 100% naturally air-dried treats are fantastic for any protein loving pooch out there. Made with nothing more than completely natural and wholesome cow products, this brilliant box is packed with a heap of healthy goodness that get your dog whining for more. 

If your pooch prefers beef to pork then this is the treat box for them. Containing a fantastic range of cow based snacks to keep their tails wagging all day long, these 100% natural treats are easily digestible so great for hypoallergenic dogs or those that suffer with troublesome tummies when fed grain-based snacks. 

This beef based box is also an amazing alternative to dangerous rawhide chews that can often splinter and shatter upon chewing. Safe and suitable for all breeds of dogs, we can promise this is one box of chews your dogs won’t wait to gobble up. Naturally air-dried to lock in flavour and goodness, when it comes to scrumptious snacks, these are the top of our farmyard favourites. Each box contains:

  • 5 x Beef Coins
  • 2 x Mini Beef Tails
  • 3 x Beef Jerky Chew
  • 1 x Beef Scalp Chew
  • 2 x Beef Trachea
  • 1 XL Cow Ear
  • 2 x Beef Tendon 
Moo box, Deli box for dogs
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With our boxes available both instore and online, get your paws on them now and give your furry friend a treat they will remember.

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