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FREE Delivery over £59* | Previously known as Natural Cornish Pet
FREE Delivery over £59* | Previously known as Natural Cornish Pet
Natural Cornish Pet: Meaty Treats And Chews

Natural Cornish Pet: Meaty Treats And Chews

At Natural Cornish Pet Shop we are dedicated to delivering the best quality all natural food, treats and chews for a reasonable price without ever compromising on excellence, and when we can't find products that hold up to our stringent quality control, we make them ourselves! 

We, the Natural Cornish Pet team, have always been proud of doing the most we can for our customers and their furry friends. So, when we started making our own food, chews and treats we knew only the best would do.

Our product range is ever expanding, sourced from the best of British farming and is, of course, all natural and grain free. Many our Natural Cornish Pet products are also delivered to you in environmentally friendly packaging and are packed by our own fair hands. Not only do you get the best treats for your pooch but you can do your bit for the environment at the same time.

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meat treats box

Meaty Treats And Chews

We all know our dog's love of meat has no boundaries, from begging for your bacon to wolfing down a delicious meaty Natural Cornish Pet treat, they can't get enough. 

From exhaustive scientific studies we know that all dogs are directly evolved from the carnivorous timber wolf, some 15,000 years ago, and they still show signs of that in their DNA make-up today. Despite the fact that dogs have become more omnivorous over the years, traits like their sharp pointy teeth, chopping motion when they chew, and digestive anatomy, show the unmistakable hallmarks of being descended from a meat eating predator. So, it's more than understandable why they would still love a meaty morsel today.

With all this in mind, when we started to produce our own ranges of perfect pet products, we knew that meaty treats would be high on the list and we certainly delivered! With over 40 dried meat treats and chews (and counting!) available in the Natural Cornish Pet range, we’re certain we have got one that will satisfy all of your dogs lupine desires.

A timber wolf on some rocks

Chicken, Potato And Turmeric Sausages

These mini sausages are made with three key ingredients and are as much a supplement as they are a treat. The unique blend of chicken, potato and turmeric offers a whole heap of nutritional benefits as well as tasting sublime. Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicines and now a top choice for human supplements, turmeric is said to have a whole range of health benefits from joint and muscle support to maintaining cardiovascular health. The Natural Cornish Pet Chicken, Potato and Turmeric Sausages can also help with digestive health as well as supporting a healthy immune system which can lead to reducing fatigue and promoting healthy muscle repair. Whilst being as cheap as chips, these delicious little air dried mouthfuls also pack a healthy punch making them the perfect treat for any good dog.

Natural Cornish Pet chicken, potato and turmeric sausages for dogs

Chicken Feet

These chicken feet are chicken feet that are gently air dried, and that's it, pure and simple. Using 100% British chicken, the Natural Cornish Pet Chicken Feet are perfect for the small dog or puppy that has a penchant for chewing. Thanks to the air drying these chicken feet don't splinter and are a perfect way to keep the gums, teeth and jaw muscles healthy, ideal for the smaller dogs with the big appetite for gnawing.

Natural Cornish Pet air dried chicken feet for dogs

When it comes to delicious and wholesome meaty treats Natural Cornish Pet should be your go-to. Our huge and ever expanding range of all British, naturally made, grain free and air dried meaty treats will always be great on value and top dog when it comes to quality.

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