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Naturaw B Corporation Dog Food Products

Naturaw: Resplendent Raw and Natural Dog Foods

In the modern age of dog ownership, many people are turning to natural diets to nourish their canine companions in order to mirror, as closely as possible, their ancestral diets and, in turn, keep them as healthy and happy for as long as possible. 

Natural Dog Food

Natural Cornish Pet has provided some of the best raw food for dogs in Cornwall since our inception in 2018 and we are committed to continuing to provide the very best raw food options we can for all the discerning dogs in the area.

Another thing we are truly passionate about at Natural Cornish Pet is the environment and reducing the impact that we, as pet owners, have on our planet. So, when we are looking for partners and products to supply you with, we are always looking for the very best for you and the environment.

With all of this being said, we are particularly proud to introduce you to a new range of raw food products we have available from one of the most ethical and sustainable companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with, the fantastically noteworthy Naturaw.

** Naturaw products are only available for Click & Collect at our St. Erth Shop**

Raw and Natural Dog Food for All

Naturaw is a small family business that is so far out of the corporate loop, that it makes a deliciously refreshing change. By their own admission, Naturaw is “just a group of humans incredibly passionate about our pets”, this passion led to the formation of a natural dog food company, born from their desire to feed the dogs of Britain the best raw diets available to them.

Natural dog food

The Naturaw Range that is available on our shelves here at Natural Cornish Pet includes more than fifteen different varieties including; Naturaw MildNaturaw Puppy and Naturaw Senior, for those dogs who need a little extra love or ease of digestion in their raw diet. The range also includes a veritable plethora of fabulous favours for all of your canine companions that will make any dog go wild for their new raw and natural dog food diet. From Venison and Surf & Turf to Duck and Beef, there is definitely something in this range that your dogs will love.

See The Full Naturaw Range Right Here>

The sheer quality of Naturaw products shines through and it is easy to see that they use only the finest cuts of high welfare and ethically sourced British meats and fish. We also love the clarity that they provide in their labelling which makes it ridiculously easy to feed your dogs a raw diet in the healthiest manner possible. 

The fresh approach to raw feed from Naturaw has got everyone in our shop very excited and we hope your dogs will love it as much as ours do!

**When changing any part of your dog’s diet always take advice from your vet**

Natural Dog Food With a Sustainable Ethos

With everything we have said above, we can't think why one would need any more excuses to try the fantastic Naturaw, however, there are plenty more!

The thing that first pricked up our ears about Naturaw was their complete commitment to reducing the environmental impact they potentially could have. This is shown in their use of ethically sourced British meats and fish, as well as the completely recyclable and compostable packaging they use and the fact they are planting trees with some of their orders too (to date they are responsible for the planting of over 500 new trees!). The packaging is a revelation to us and we love the fact that every part of it is completely compostable. Made with vegetable inks, carbon-positive wood pulp, a plant-based film on top and not a single piece of plastic or anything nasty for the environment, the packaging on Naturaw’s raw and natural dog food is really second-to-none.

Find Out All About Naturaw And Their Sustainable Packaging Here>

So, if you’ve been considering a raw diet for your furriest friend and are looking for some of the very best natural dog foods around, Naturaw is definitely one to try. And with their commitment to sustainability on top of their top-quality foods, we think Naturaw is one of the best around.

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