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Natures Menu - Especially for Cats

Natures Menu - Especially for Cats

At Natural Cornish Pet we are proud to stock all of the brands that we have adorning the shelves at our base in Hayle, Cornwall. Whether it’s holistic treats for your pups or regular all-natural meals that meet all of your furry friends’ nutritional needs, we have the best brands around for the ethical pet owner. One of our favourite brands and one that we have been lucky enough to work with for years is the amazing Natures Menu. 

Natures Menu Logo

Natures Menu

Natures menu develops all of their fabulously additive-free foods with their in house veterinary team so we can all be sure that every treat and meal has your pet's best interests at heart. They are also committed to using the best all-natural ingredients that are carefully selected for their diverse range of nutritional benefits to your pets’ diet. They use human-grade meats and sustainably caught fish in all of their recipes, alongside a fantastic melange of fruits, vegetables, seeds, pulses and oils, making a tasty treat or magnificent meal that is delicious and nutritious in every bite. 

As it says on their website, the ethos at Natures Menu is “We believe that if you don’t know what an ingredient is, your pet's body wont either”, which reinforces their stance on all-natural ingredients with no added nasties or fillers. If it’s not real food that is beneficial for your pets Natures Menu does not put it into their food, and at Natural Cornish Pet we love that way of thinking and are immensely proud to have a plethora of Natures Menu Products on our shelves. 

See the Whole Natures Menu Range at Natural Cornish Pet Right Here> 

Natures Menu for Cats

As we’ve discovered above, Natures Menu is solid in its stance on making foods and treats that are made with completely natural and free from fillers and derivatives and this remains true throughout their amazing range of products for our feline friends. Their cat foods and treats are perfect for the pampered pussies of Britain, with high meat contents and all-natural, grain-free formulations. 

Natures Menu Mini Treats for Cats

Natures Menu - Especially For Cats

New to us at Natural Cornish Pet, is the fantastic Natures Menu - Especially For Cats, a specialist food formulated by a team of vets and made with the nutritional needs of our cool cats at their heart. Every can of Natures Menu - Especially For Cats is packed with high-quality ingredients, a high meat content and real, all-natural formulations. They also are free from any additives, grains or sugars, meaning they are delicious, delectable and developed to be as nutritionally complete as they can be. Every recipe is cooked as gently as it can be so all the nutrition can be locked in, as well as maintaining the flavours so they will pack a punch at every meal. Their foods are also made with whole cuts of human-grade meats and sustainably caught fish, keeping them delicious and nutritious in every bite.

Natures Menu - Especially For Cats is available in six fantastic flavours; Chicken and Turkey, Beef and Chicken, Chicken, Chicken with Salmon and Tuna, Chicken with Salmon and Cod, and Chicken and Turkey with Salmon, making it an easy job to find a dinner for even the fussiest of felines. 

Cute cat with Blue Eyes

Natures Menu - Especially For Cats is a complete and nutritionally balanced food for your cats that is packed with goodness and is made with all-natural, easy to understand ingredients. As well as this it is formulated with a team of in-house vets with your feline friend’s best interest in mind, so you can be assured of a top-quality product every time you see Natures Menu on the can. 

See Our Natures Menu - Especially For Cats Range Here>

Natures Menu Mini Treats for Cats

Made with all the love, care and all-natural ingredients that Natures Menu foods are, are the tantalising Natures Menu Mini Treats for Cats. Perfect for giving your cat a tasty tidbit when you want to give them a bit of love for being your bestie, these brilliant treats should always be close by. Available in three fabulous flavours and a bargain to boot, we think every cat owner and marvellous mog will be in love with these treats as soon as they arrive.

Get Some Tantalising Treats For Your Cats Here>

So, when it comes to the best all-natural cat foods and treats there is not many better than the marvellous Natures Menu, with their ethical ethos and incomparable ingredients. 

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