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New! Natural Cornish Pet - Coffee Wood Chews

New! Natural Cornish Pet - Coffee Wood Chews

In one of our most recent blog posts, we were talking about National Pet Dental Health Month, which is promoted in the US, and the importance of keeping our pets dental health a top priority. We also spoke about how some dogs are very much averse to the practice of having their teeth brushed and how, therefore, an alternative is often desperately needed. 

At Natural Cornish Pet we are also always looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact our pets have and provide products that are born from nature and an ethos of sustainability, whilst replacing mainstream products made from, and with, potentially polluting plastics and chemicals.

If only there were a product available on the market that is great for our dog's dental health, is good for the environment and is potentially brilliantly beneficial for your dog's mental health too. 

Well, we have found it and we are immensely proud to introduce you to our unbelievably cool, brand new to our shelves; Natural Cornish Pet - Coffee Wood Chews. 

What is a Coffee Wood Dog Chew?

You may have already come to the conclusion that these superb chews are made from coffee wood, and you'd be right. But, what makes coffee wood so good for chewing and how can it help our dogs dentally and mentally!? 

Coffee wood is the perfect wood for the production of chews, as it breaks down into manageable and digestible fibres, so your dog will have no problem gnawing all day long if they wish to. Coffee wood is also a particularly strong and durable variety of hardwood, meaning it can be enjoyed by your dog for a long amount of time, no matter how hard they bite, nibble or gnaw.

Our Coffee Wood Dog Chews are made from nothing but the coffee wood itself and contain no additives of any kind, our coffee wood chews do not contain any sugars or caffeine either, making them a perfect chew for those dogs who may be in need a bit of dieting after putting on some excess winter weight! Our chews are carefully curated, dried, lightly sanded and sent straight out to us, here at Natural Cornish Pet. Our Coffee Wood Chews are also hypoallergenic making them a superbly suitable alternative chew for dogs with allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Not only can these chews be used as a distraction from calorific food, but they are also a great way to keep your dogs dental health in tip-top condition too. Our Coffee Wood Dog Chews are a brilliant way to strengthen your dog’s dental muscles as they masticate and ruminate. As well as this, the fine fibres of the coffee wood, once the chew has been chewed for a while, act as a natural toothbrush, removing tartar and plaque on your furry friend's teeth and gums, helping to avoid any potentially costly and painful dental health problems in the future. These chews are perfect for those dogs who really don't like having their teeth brushed as it is a fun, tasty and all-natural way to keep their mouth as healthy as it can be. 

These chews can also be a great stress reliever for those dogs who suffer from anxiety and separation problems, allowing them to have a delicious distraction that will easily last when they are left to their own devices.  

Coffee Wood Dog Chews

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Coffee Wood Chews and Sustainability

Natural Cornish Pet - Coffee Wood Chews, are a perfect product for those of us that want to do our bit to reduce the carbon pawprints of our furriest friends and live an altogether more sustainable existence. 

Our Coffee Wood Chews are sustainably sourced, meaning their production makes no lasting impact on the environment from which they were procured. They are sent to you in completely recyclable packaging, reducing the need for unnecessary plastic and non-recyclable packing methods. The chews are, of course, vegan too, potentially reducing the amount of meat and fish-based chews that are consumed by our canine companions each and every year. Lastly, our Coffee Wood Chews are completely natural and therefore require no energy-hungry industrial processes to produce them either.

Coffee Wood Tree

In short, our Coffee Wood Chews for dogs are not only good for the dental and mental health of your dogs, but for the planet at large too! And you really can’t get much better than that.

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So, when it comes to finding a new chew for your dogs, why not try one of our brand new Coffee Wood Chews and keep your canine companions delightfully distracted whilst giving them the dental benefits of a good chew too. And don’t forget all the amazing environmental benefits of these fantastic pieces of wonderful wood too, everyone is a winner with our fantastically cool Natural Cornish Pet - Coffee Wood Chews.

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