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New Packaging For Paleo

New Packaging For Paleo

As more and more dog owners switch their four-legged friends to a raw food diet, there is no brand we recommend more than Paleo Ridge.

Voted the Best Raw Dog Food in the UK, this brilliant brand of fantastic food prides itself on developing and creating all natural, completely raw and 100% beneficial dog food for our furry friends. When it comes to raw, they're the experts! Featuring the finest quality proteins, Paleo Ridge are dedicated to ensuring our pets receive the best food possible.

With over 6 years of soaring sales under their belts, the amazing team have decided to develop upon their already amazing product, by packing their delicious food in the most pawfect packaging possible. With intricate designs, bold colours and a brand new name, here’s why their food, packaging and ethos is so blissfully beautiful!

Who are they?

Founded in 2014, by Sharon Daly with the help of her eldest son Aaron, Paleo Ridge began their first production line. Having previously set up and launched a well-known raw brand into a major retailer, Sharon took her experience and knowledge combined with her doggy nutrition background and formed Paleo Ridge – a company offering high quality, ethically and sustainable sourced Raw Dog Food.

Now an award-winning, family-run, working dog food business based in rural Hampshire, their aim is to consistently provide outstanding quality products, and excellent service to customers and their four-legged friends.

Paleo Ridge only uses ingredients of the highest quality, with a strong commitment to ethically sourced produce that is organic, free-range or wild where possible. It is because of their tenacious dedication to creating amazing, all-natural produce that the food they develop is wholesome, nutritional and delicious!

Same fantastic food, Brand new look

From Turkey to Beef Mince, the flavour profile of Paleo Ridge is endless. No matter what protein takes your pooch’s fancy, Paleo Ridge has something for you. What makes this dog food so incredible is the no-waste policy when creating their products. Creating food from quality cuts of meat, carcasses and offal, no parts of your dog’s favourite protein goes to waste. Now that’s something a little bit special.

As their amazing recipes stay the same, the only thing Paleo wanted to change was their packaging. Focusing heavily on environmental impact, their biodegradable and compostable boxes feature their famous variety of flavours and showcase exactly what their ingredients have to offer.

Subtly Scrumptious Sleeves

Classic Pork and Chicken (1kg)

Attached to each packet of Paleo Ridge Raw Food is now an environmentally friendly, cardboard sleeve that uses eco-friendly inks, to complete the brand’s new look. Colour coding has been used to help the consumer to easily identify which proteins they are buying such as:

  • Green – Lamb
  • Light Blue – Fish
  • Purple – Duck
  • Red – Beef

This colour-coding system allows a familiarisation with flavours, making their overall shopping experience easier and more efficient. This means no endless moments looking through small print to find flavours and ingredients, with Paleo Ridge, your pooch knows exactly what they are eating.

Delicate Designs

With intricate and detailed designs by long-time Paleo Ridge customer, Candy Smith, her hand-drawn illustrations are simply stunning and showcase the best of the British countryside.

Each sleeve features a small splash of colour set upon a backdrop of grey scale images that tells the story of a dog adventuring through the British outdoors. The most mesmerising part of Smith’s designs in the shout out to British agriculture, through her detailed Union Jack Hot Air Balloon that graces the corners of each Paleo Ridge Sleeve. As Paleo are dedicated to sourcing ingredients right here in the UK, it was only fair that Smith embodied this celebration of British product in her amazing artwork.

Winding trees, tranquil lakes and paths of pawprints can be seen throughout Smith’s designs. Not only are these sleeves detailing the amazing ingredients featured in every single one of Paleo’s complete meals, they are also amazing works of art. With every glimpse, your eyes with capture something new and even the company’s founder has something amazing to say:

Tyler Daly, MD of Paleo Ridge:

“It has always been our intention to re-launch this range with an exterior that speaks of the quality within. We are all very proud of how far we have come, we are delighted to see some our very first products re launched into this new design!”

Fabulous food packed in Pawfect Pakcaging - Add Paleo Ridge to your pets diet today, and you'll have them begging for more! Available in-store & online!

Shop the Paleo Ridge Range Online Here! 

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